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No! Faulty construction is excluded in homeowner's policies.

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Q: If you just found out your 25-year-old home is not structurally sound because it was not set properly on the foundation would homeowners cover this?
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Will homeowners insurance cover damaged the foundation settling caused by drought?

No. Movement of earth is specifically excluded by homeowners insurance. This is the fault of the builder for not compacting the earth properly and providing the proper foundation. Home insurance was not made to cover such.

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How serious is the bulge in concrete?

Buldge is nothing but additional cover, provided reinforcement is not displaced. As such it is not structurally harmful if treated as properly.

Does Home Owners Insurance cover foundation repair?

It depends on how the foundation was damaged and whether or not it was done by a covered cause or not. If a vehicle runs off the road and hits your home then it would be . covered whether or not the person had insurance. If the person did not have insurance, your homeowners policy covers damage caused by a vehicle. If the damage was caused by settling of the home and this caused the foundation to crack then no, the homeowner's insurance will not pay for this repair because it was caused by lack of properly putting in the foundation correctly or a lack of maintenance. Maintenance is never covered by your homeowner's insurance policy. Maintenance is the responsibility of the homeowner and it is never ending.

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Vinyl siding is the perfect way to help protect your home. Many homeowners want to ensure that outside of their house is protected with the best possible materials. However, they are unaware of an easy tip for installing vinyl siding. Many homeowners place nails too closely to their home when installing their vinyl siding. Homeowners should ensure that they keep their siding nails placed properly or their siding may rip off during severe weather. Homeowners who properly place their siding nails will not have to have new siding installed after a strong storm.

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Can you choose how much coverage you want for homeowners insurance or does the insurance company have the right to drastically increase your coverage without your approval?

It is unlawful to intentionally under insure your home. Your insurance company is required to review your homeowners policy regularly to insure that you are properly insured and that your homeowners policy is in compliance with the law as well as the terms of any associated mortgage note.

Is house foundation made of sandstone?

Somtimes, but concrete ot granite would last longer, if installed properly.

What things should I look for in broad homeowners insurance coverage?

You will want to make sure that your home is properly covered for loss. Make sure you have flood coverage.

Are modular homes as good as stick-built?

Modular homes are very sturdy in there construction when they are placed properly on a foundation.

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What is the highest wall height?

Needs more info to properly answer this question. BUT: As high as you want as long as you have the proper foundation and the wall is structurely safe.

Would homeowners insurance cover logs that rotted on a log home?

No. The rotting of the logs on the log home are a maintenance issue and are not due to a covered cause. The log home seems that it was not properly sealed.

Do you have to agree with the insurance company raising your coverage without your consent?

You don't have to agree but they will cancel the policy. Most homeowners policies include a replacement cost coverage to the structure so they want it to be insure properly.

Does homeowner insurance pay to remove a tree damaged by a storm that now puts your home in danger?

No, That would be considered part of the homeowners maintenance responsibility. Failure of the home owner to properly maintain the structure and property could indicate negligence or a moral hazard on the part of the homeowner. Negligence can result in denial of an ensuing claim and cancellation or non renewal of the homeowners insurance policy.

Will your homeowner's insurance pay is a tree's roots have grown up through your concrete foundation busted water pipes and heating and air ducts which are under the foundation?

Homeowners Insurance is a "Hazard Insurance Policy" which covers "Sudden Losses" due to the specified perils listed on the policy. Covered Perils are typically Fire, Wind, Hail, Falling Objects etc. Tree roots are typically not a covered peril because this is a property maintenance issue under the complete control of the homeowner. Failure to properly maintain ones home and property can indicate a "Moral Hazard" on the part of the property owner and can result in cancellation of the policy. Most people keep trees and large rooting shrubs cut back away from the homes foundation so as to avoid this type of damage.

Can your Minnesota homeowners insurance company tell you to re shingle your house or they will drop you if you have not made a claim on the roof and you have had the same insurance for over 5 yrs?

Yes, failure to properly maintain ones home could represent a moral hazard

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Demarites of Excavation adjacent to existing foundation?

It is quite safe to excavate right up next to a properly designed and built foundation of a 1- or 2-story house, as long as you first locate the gas, electric sewer and water lines, and take care not to break these.The foundation wall receives a varying load from the fill next to it. When dry, the load is less; when the soil is saturated, the load is more. But unless you have a foundation on an extremely steep hill, or very close to a lake or ocean, or the water table is very high, you are probably going to be OK.

Does homeowners insurance covers damage done to a property by a hired person?

Generally no. Hired workers are not covered under a home insurance policy. Homeowners insurance policies do not cover "poor workmanship" But the contractor or repairman's Commercial Liability policy will cover if he damages your property or fails to perform repairs up to the standards that a reasonable person would expect. This is why you should always hire from established companies that you can verify are properly licensed and insured to perform the work.

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Can a homeowners insurance policy be cancelled if the homeowner is out of the country and the property left vacant?

Ye, reference the vacancy clause of your homeowners insurance policy. Most policies contain language that require you notify the insurer within a certain time frame of extended periods of vacancy. To avoid unexpected cancellation of coverage due to occupancy issues, be sure to properly list your occupancy type. Certain types of residences may be listed as, vacation homes, vacant property, temporary or seasonal homes.

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