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hi. i got my wisdom teeth removed this past monday, and it's really be an ALRIGHT recovery - nothing toooo painful, but nothing comfortable either. i was just looking around on the net to see if something similar to what im experiencing was common. it is kinda liek your concern. my surgeon gave me dissolvable stitches, and they have basically fallen out (they didn't last the full week). but now, my gum is actually torn and, as gross as it may sound, somewhat flapping. i saw your entry and i was just wondering if you ever found anything about your complication, because maybeeee it would have something about mine. if you're able to, please let me know! and hope you're doing well!

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โˆ™ 2005-12-25 03:52:31
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Q: If you just got your wisdom teeth removed last week what is wrong if there is an area on the outer side of your gums near your back molar next to the cheek that is a tender lump like a blister?
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Is it normal to have a hoe on your cheek after your wisdom teeth removed?

On your cheek? There should be upto 4 holes in the back of your mouth (where the teeth were pulled) for a few weeks, but unless something happened to your cheek during the surgery. (or at another time) you shouldn't have a hole in your cheek

Can a blood clot in your cheek be removed and is a blood clot in your cheek life threatening?

A blood clot in your cheek is life threatening and you would have to have surgery for the clot to be removed.

How do you stop cheek swelling i didn't get my wisdom teeth out and I'm pretty sure I'm not allergic to anything i woke up and my cheek and a little bit of my neck hurt and my cheek was swelling?

The cheek swelling was caused by bacterial infection, which food debris to the periodontal pocket of your wisdom tooth resulted in. Usually metronidazole and cefaclor should be taken orally about one week. The wisdom tooth need to be pulled out until the cheek swelling cure.

What do you do if you bite your cheek after wisdom teeth extraction?

try to not keep biting it

What causes a purple blister on your butt cheek that pops and leaves something like a little hole?

It Could be a Carbuncle.

Is it normal to have severe swelling 24 hours after having wisdom teeth removed?

yes, that is normal, if you have swelling after 24 hours, and no fever or a headache its ok,what you can do, you can put a warm compress on the cheek. you can heat a warm towel in the microwave.

Is it normal to have a stitch connected to your cheek after having wisdom teeth extracted?

Answer stitches in cheekI had my wisdom teeth taken out a week ago all my swelling has gone down and i have the same thing there is 1 stitch in my cheek so yes im pretty sure it is normal.

Can removing wisdom teeth cause your cheek to swell even 3 weeks after the procedure?


You had your wisdom teeth removed two months ago and you can no longer open your mouth as wide as you used to It is painful to try and do so That side of your cheek is also sensitive to the touch?

that is not a normal reaction post wisdom teeth extraction you should notify your dentist an check with other doctors, x rays will be needed to further examine the problem.

What did greta garbo do to make her famous?

Greta Garbo had her wisdom teeth extracted to accentuate her cheek bones.

Do I have an absessed tooth I have a horrible taste in mouth when the blister pops.?

yes you do and be very catious , because the blistering will eventually cause a infection, which will eventually cause a swollen cheek !

When was Cheek to Cheek created?

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Can you have stiches on the side of your cheek after wisdom tooth extraction?

Yes. The surgeon closes the wound with a suture that basically attaches the cheek skin to the gum tissue leading to your tongue. As you swell after surgery the stich starts to feel more tight and becomes more noticeable to you.

How to stop the pain and the swelling of cutting wisdom teeth?

There are several different things you can try to relieve the pain of cutting wisdom teeth. You can place ice on the outside of your cheek, bite down on a tea bag, or use an over-the-counter numbing gel.

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The only time an impaled object can be safely removed is if it's stuck in the cheek. The wound must then be immediately treated and wrapped to slow the bleeding.

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A friend tells you that she has tender swollen glands along the left side of the front of her neck You notice that she has a bandage on her left cheek that is not fully hiding a large infected cut?

This is not a question.

What could cause pins and needles in the cheek area?

Which cheek are we talking about? A face cheek or a butt cheek?

What does a sore cheek and neck under the left ear mean its very tender to touch?

My first thought is that it is an abcessed tooth. If not that I would have a doctor check my lymph gland in my neck for an infection.

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A cheek is the side of your face.

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