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If you just installed a new carburetor why would a car stall when you slam on the brakes?


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2015-07-16 18:27:42
2015-07-16 18:27:42

a couple of things. 1: does it drive good doesnt stumble when driving if not the carby might be flooding..... 2: if it runs great and only dies when the brakes are applied, does it idle rough then die, it might be the brake booster.

maybe your tcc solenoid, which is in the transmission. my 84 montecarlo did that with a new carb


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A leak in the brake booster is one common reason why a car would stall or hesitate when the brakes are pushed. There could also be an obstruction in the brake line.

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the brakes were not fixed properly some part is installed wrong

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Yes, but the entire braking system would need changed. It would be easier and cheaper to buy a car with ABS.

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I would check the point gap and timing first. If that does not correct it, I would check the carburetor float level.

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