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A few obvious things:1. The speakers are not plugged into the correct socket (usually the green coded one)2. The onboard sound is not enabled in the BIOS (the part that you press DEL to enter when you first turn your PC on)3. The incorrect drivers are installed4. There is a problem with the motherboard/speakers

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Q: If you just put a new motherboard in your computer and installed all the new drivers why would your onboard audio not work?
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A motherboard comes bundled with a that contains drivers for all the onboard components?


A motherboard comes bundledwith a --- that contains drivers for all the onboard components?

With a CD

What does a motherboard come bundled with that contains drivers for all the onboard cmoponents?

cd cd

Does this motherboard have onboard graphics?

No matter what motherboard you have, it does not have onboard graphics. Only certain processors have built-in graphics.

What is onboard USB?

Onboard USB are USB ports built into the motherboard.

Where else can you download drivers if the motherboard manufacturer doesnt have any available?

If you can identify the components on the board, such as the chipset, onboard graphics, and LAN, you can download generic drivers from the manufacturer of these parts that should work.

Where can you download free drivers?

The best place to download drivers is from the manufacturer of your computer (HP, Dell, Toshiba, etc...). If you have a custom-built computer, download drivers from the motherboard manufacturer and the manufacturer of any add-on cards you have. If for some reason, the manufacturer doesn't have drivers, or does not have them for your operating system, check with the manufacturer of the individual components, such as the chipset, onboard LAN, graphics, and sound. Below are links to the driver search pages for major manufacturers.

Where is a graphics card?

If you have an external graphics card, it will be located in the agp slot on your motherboard. If you open the case on your computer, you should be able to see it. The agp slot is often at the top of and of a different colour to the PCI slots. Cards which are mounted on the motherboard are called onboard graphics cards and are a different matter. Consult your motherboard manual for layout and for where the onboard graphics card should be.

Billy Graham how can you get a correct sound software for your computer?

He's unlikely to read this. If you want software just find out what the model of your sound card is and do a google search for the drivers. Manufacturer's website is usually best. If it's an onboard sound card you'll need the audio drivers that are designed for that motherboard.

Where can you get video drivers for Intel Pentium d 2.8 Ghz?

The Intel Pentium D 2.8Ghz has no video output and therefore does not need video drivers. It must be plugged into a motherboard first and even that is not certain to work. There must be a video card either onboard the motherboard or plugged into an expansion slot first.

What is the video circuitry built in motherboard called?

The onboard video

How the videomemory of your computer can be increased?

IF YOUR COMPUTER IS HAVING A MOTHERBOARD WITH ONBOARD GRAPHICS THEN YOU CAN SIMPLY INCREASE THE AMOUNT OF V MEMORY USUALLY 128,256,512.IF YOU HAVE A GRAPHICS CARD THEN onboard graphics shouldn't be turned on as it may cause conflicts.If you want more memory on a video card you will have to upgrade to a new card with more memory..sorry there's no other option for this.

Why is AGP VGA better than Onboard VGA?

1. If the onboard VGA fails, you buy a new motherboard, but if the AGP video card fails you buy a new video card. 2. You can select any video features you want to pay for if you use the AGP video card, but you're stuck with whatever your motherboard has if you use the onboard card. 3. Onboard video cards are typically quite basic. 4. It must be faster and better than onboard vga.

23 What was the name of the onboard computer on the 'Red Dwarf' space ship?

The Red Dwarf onboard computer was named Holly.

If you have a motherboard with an onboard graphics card can you still use an external card?

Most motherboards will allow you to use both the onboard graphics as well as an add-in card at the same time. Even if they do not, an add-in card simply disables the onboard one.

What is the parts of the computer desktop?

Processor Graphics card Sound Card (sometimes not needed) Motherboard (Usually has onboard graphics card and sound card) Hard Drive Ram Power Supply Case

What is a flash prom?

It is a chip onboard a device that allows for firmware to be updated or settings to be changed like a computer motherboard's BIOS or a router to allow it to fix bugs/errors, add hardware compatability and features, etc.

What is a list of the parts of a computer?

Motherboard,PSU (power supply unit), RAM (memory), Processor, hard drive, cd/dvd drive, fans, If the graphics are not onboard, video card, Case.

What is on board memory?

OnBoard memory is internal memory which is soldered to the motherboard as all compters need memory. it is normal for all computers have have memory upgrade slots. not all onboard memory can be removed,

What is an computer that cannot be removed from a device called?

Perhaps you are thinking of an "onboard computer" or an "internal computer." This is generally used to refer to some form of limited computer only able to complete specific functions for the device it is embedded in. For example, most modern cards have onboard computers which mange sensors, automatic transmission, airbags, warning lights, and other tasks. However, you cannot extract the computer and watch videos on Metacafe or something. It can only work in the device it was installed.

Is it possible to use an AGP graphics card with the Intel 845GV integrated graphics motherboard or is PCI the only option?

I am assuming that you are referring to The Intel® Desktop Board D845GVSR. This Motherboard has onboard intergrated graphics, but does not have an AGP slot available, However there are 3 PCI slots available. So the answer to your question is that without an AGP slot you are restricted to PCI or ONBoard Graphics with this motherboard.

How do you remove a video card?

Turn off the computer, open the panel, remove the screw, pull the card. On the other hand, if you're wanting to "remove" a video card that's part of the motherboard you may need to install a video card into one of the slots, get it working then you can disable the onboard video adapter from the list of drivers in the hardware profile.

Where is onboard computer connection 03 jetta?

the computer is located by the windshield wiper motor

How do you replace an integrated video card?

An integrated video card is located on the motherboard itself and cannot be replaced. You can add a graphics card to one of the motherboard's slots though. It will then take over and the onboard graphics will not be used. To avoid any conflicts, you should disable the onboard graphics when adding a dedicated graphics card.

In a system that uses a CD drive the wire connect to what?

Sound cart to CD/DVD drive. In case of an onboard sound of your motherboard, just connect the CD drive via IDE to your motherboard.

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