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No! NOt unless you are in the Military and received orders to report elsewhere.Checkout for more details.

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Q: If you just signed a lease yesterday can you break it?
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Can a landlord keep a holding deposit if no lease is signed?

Yes, to secure any possible damages, not just if you break the lease.

Can a landlord break a lease agreement that was from a downloaded form and filled out?

If both of you agreed upon the same terms and conditions, and signed the lease accordingly, then it is just as binding as one that would be furnished by an attorney, etc.

Can you break your lease if they break into your apartment?

If your landlord breaks into your apartment or enters it without notifying you, this is grounds to break a lease. You can't break a lease just because there was a break in, however. Landlords are not even legally required to tell you if you are moving into a high crime area. If you can prove this is an ongoing and pervasive problem , it may be grounds to break your lease. Get real documentation, not just hearsay.Police reports and other victims or witnesses.

Does a lease agreement need to be notarised?

No, just signed by the Landlord and Tenant.

Does a lease agreement have to be notarized in Texas?

No, just signed by the Landlord and Tenant.

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Can your landlord change the amount of the rent after a year just by telling you on the phone what he wants when you signed an agreement a year ago?

It depends on the term of your lease. If you had signed a one year lease, an additional year may be offered at a higher monthly rate. If you had signed a longer term lease, the landlord cannot increase the rent during the course of the lease unless specifically permitted in the lease.

What are my rights should the landord wish to break lease?

As a tenant, if the landlord wishes to break their own lease, you have the right to seek damages just as they would if you had broken your lease. The usual outcome for a landlord to break a lease is that the landlord forfeits any right to retain the security deposit.

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Can you break your term lease if the landlord changes the pet policy mid lease?

Each state has different laws about breaking leases so it all depends where you live. Most states will not allow you to break a lease just because the landlord changes the pet policy.

You signed a lease with an apartment that states no pets you now notice many tenants have birds as pets your 11 month child may be ill because of this Can you break and get your deposit back?

no you might not be able to break the lease because i tried to do that once when i had problems with my apartment and if you do you have to pay the rent for the months you made the lease for its expensive trust me i had to pay a 4 month lease witch was $3200.00 !!!!!!!!! so im sorry to say this but if u want to pay $3200.00 go ahead i would recommend u to just stay there for as long as u did ur lease for? sorry about that

How do you evict someone not on your lease?

If they haven't paid any money to you, or signed any contract you can just tell them they have to leave

What happens if you break your lease and you just bought a house?

If you have something that a judge can take from you, you might just end up in court.

Via email a tenant agreed to continue his lease Now he wants to break the lease saying that an email is not legally-binding. Is an email agreement legally-binding in Napa County California?

An email is just as good as a signed document, as long as the other party did not immediately email back contesting the validity of the email.

When four people r renting a apt an they all signed a one year lease can two of them just leave in the middle of the year?

as long as they are not the primary lease holders, it shouldn't be a problem

What does let agreed mean?

A 'let' is probably referring to a lease (rental of a house) and therefore 'let agreed' on a sign means that someone has said they will sign a lease to rent the house and expect to be moving in shortly (ie the house is no longer available but the lease is still to be signed). Once the lase IS signed the sign will be change to just "let".

If you agreed to a lease option verbally but signed a contract for lease only can you get the money that was supposed to go to the purchase?

Hi Written Contracts supercede oral contracts. Some extraordinary circumstance apart, the court will uphold the written contract. Sorry. You just needed to ensure that what you signed was what was agreed.

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You just got approved for your mortgage can you break your lease?

Check in with your leasing office. Sometimes you get lucky; your penalty will be a month or so of rent. Others charge you the entire amount remaining on your lease. It depends on your lease. I once was lucky--they wanted the apartment for someone else.

Can I break my lease if I just got a Section 8 voucher?

No and they are not required to take it. You have a contract, you promised to pay for a year and they promised to provide a place to live. They could sue you for balance of lease, get judgement etc

Can you break a lease on an apartment if you were laid off from your job and can no longer afford it?

Not without the penalty stated in the contract. The lease can't be broken because of personal problems. It is possible that a cool landlord would just let you out of the lease if you talk to him about it, but they don't have to bend over backward if they don't want to.

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Can you get a restraining order for a neighbor who is giving my tenant misinformation about the status of my mortgage prompting him to want to break the lease for fear of foreclosure?

I just need an answer.

What are you rights as a tenant if your lease ends at the end of this month and you have not given your landlord your signed lease yet but you want to move out of the complex?

You should be able to just move out. But check with your land lord for the proper procedure. Good luck at moving, I know that it is stressful.