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If you just start doing the BBT temping for conceiving at 9 days past ovulation it was 99.1 could that be a sign of pregnancy?



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BBT is a reliable way to know if you are pregnant, ovulating, etc.

However, it must be taken with a really accurate thermometer, a BBT one is best. At the same time every morning, Before so much as sitting up. Hit the alarm clock, stick thermometer in mouth and stay still until it beeps. Not having a good nights sleep, not taking it at the same time, and moving around before taking it all affect the temp and mess with the accuracy.

To Chart your temps, use an online charting program, because they can keep up with everything for you.

If your temperature stays above the base line (the highest temp before you ovulated) past when you are suppose to start your period, it is a high indicator for pregnancy and you should take a HPT. To be able to tell this, you have to start BEFORE you ovulate.
Start on the first day of your period, and take it at the same time every morning. It will fluctuate a little, but not much until you ovulate. Just after ovulation it will spike, sometimes as much as two degrees but usually just a degree or a half a degree. It will stay elevated until your next period. You can even tell when your period will start before it does because your temp will fall that morning to a point below the highest point prior to ovulation. It should stay elevated at least 12 days, if it does not you may have a fertility issue called a shortened lutenal phase.
If it stays elevated past your normal cycle length, then take a test because you may be pregnant.

Be cautious with this though, temps will tell you you are pregnant even if it is a chemical pregnancy, so you may want to wait a few days to be sure it is a real pregnancy and that it "sticks".