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It is virtually impossible. If her period is delayed or missed take pregnancy test,just in case.

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Q: If you kissed a girl who had just swallowed semen and then you ate her out what is the chances of pregnancy?
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If you are HIV and a man has swallowed your semen what is the chances of him catching HIV?


Chances of pregnancy after giving head?

Zero, you have to introduce semen into the vagina for pregnancy to occur. Oral sex does not do this.

What are the chances of pregnancy if he pulled out but semen came in contact with the vagina?

You could be pregnant

If you have semen on your fingers and stick them inside of you while your ovulating what are the chances of pregnancy?


What are the chances of pregnancy if someone ejeculates inside the vagina but semen coming out After ejeculation how much quantity of semen is coming out?

If ejaculate goes into the vagina during the fertile period it doesn't matter if semen dribbles out, there is a high chance of pregnancy. It only takes one sperm cell to cause pregnancy, there are millions of them in small amounts of semen

What are the chances of pregnancy if a drop of semen was put inside you instead of him ejactulating inside of you?

It depends on the potency of the sperm

Does semen affect pregnancy results?

Semen causes pregnancy...

What are the chances of getting pregnant if no semen gets in you?

if none gets in zero. But there are cases where pregnancy has occurred without penetration

What are the chances of pregnancy from semen residue while she is on the pill?

very very very low risk joymaker rn

Should the man take Viagra during pregnancy attempt?

Viagra will have no effect on the semen and chances of getting pregnant

Will a woman get pregnant if she swallows semen?

That is not possible to get pregnant, when you swallow the semen. But still you may get pregnancy. It is always advised to to get the pregnancy test done periodically, if you do not get the periods. There are high chances that your partner will touch his semen and then your vagina. The same thing can be done by you also. That way you will get the pregnancy. This can happen with out your knowledge. This is much more common than you think.

What is the most semen swallowed at once?


How not to get a girl pregnant with no semen?

If there is no semen there is no pregnancy

What are the chances of pregnancy a day after your period ended you're not on birth control partner used pull out method but semen still got on vagina?

There is a 2% chance of pregnancy in this situation.

How much calories does semen have when swallowed?

5 calories

Does semen cause gas pains if swallowed?

Probably not

Can semen just touching the vaginal opening cause pregnancy If so what are the honest chances?

Though a rare chance but you cant ignore it at all.

Leaking semen can't cause pregnancy?

Leaking semen does cause pregnancy because it is semen. Pre-cum or pre-ejaculate that leaks out before a male's orgasm can still cause pregnancy.

Does eating semen cause pregnancy?

No it will not cause pregnancy.

If you put a little drop of semen inside you what are the chances of pregnancy?

The chances of Pregnancy are not that high but you still have a good chance of getting pregnant.During intercourse, a male's ejaculation has momentum and a female's vaginal muscles aid the sperm in reaching their destination. In addition a male ejaculates about a tablespoon of sperm, which is a lot more than one drop.These factors are not present if you put a drop of semen 'inside you' However semen is SEMEN, and does contain sperm so you could very well get pregnant, although it is more unlikely than not.

What are the chances of getting pregnant by pre-ejaculate fluid and the man ejaculated before intercourse?

There may be sufficient sperm in the semen emanating from the male organ to cause pregnancy in the woman. Your chances increase for pregnancy anytime you have sexual intercourse, whether or not the man ejaculates.

What are the chances of a pregnancy if he puts semen in a vial then wipes your vagina a little at a time?

Chances are low, but it is still possible. You shouldn't be doing this unless you're confident he has no diseases and you, or he, is on some kind of birth control.

If you put a alittle drop of semen inside you what are the chances of pregnancy?

Asuming you manage to keep the sperm in it alive, there is still only a very small chance.

What are the chances of a virgin pregnancy?

Very slim unless you plan to be artifcially inseminated. Do you mean like The Virgin Mary? "Fooling around" and getting semen near the opening can lead to pregnancy. Even the existence of the hymen is not enough to prevent a pregnancy from occurring.

Does the semen have to be in you to get pregnant?

The semen must enter the woman's body in order for a pregnancy to occur. Pregnancy is a result of a sperm fertilizing an egg.