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If you know the the claims department. It is that easy. They will only be able to provide you limited info unless you are the owner or the beneficiary of the policy but they will get the claims process started. 4lifeguild

2006-07-15 14:01:32
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Q: If you know someone had life insurance but can't find the policy or know the company is there a place to find this information?
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Does insurance company have to tell you if you are named in insurance policy?

They can only give that kind of information to the owner of the policy

How do you check an auto insurance company name by policy number?

If you take it to your insurance company they should be able to locate the policy number be reading the letters. My son was involved in an accident with someone who did not speak English. The police gathered the man's information and my son assumed that the name of his insurance company would be on the police report. It was not and our insurance company (Liberty Mutual) said they could not determine the name of the other driver's insurance company by the policy #. Does anyone know what company issues auto insurance with the prefix APV in the policy number? i believe APV is travelers

Can someone be added to a car insurance policy that is not a family member?

Yes, If someone will be driving the car, it is recommended to add inform your insurance company and have them added to the policy.

Can a life insurance company give anyone your policy number or change information if you are the owner of the policy?


How does one end Private Mortgage Insurance?

Contact your lender or the insurance company listed on the policy.Contact your lender or the insurance company listed on the policy.Contact your lender or the insurance company listed on the policy.Contact your lender or the insurance company listed on the policy.

How can you know if someone has a life insurance on you?

If you know the company, contact them to confirm that the policy exists. This kind of information is available to you. If you don't know the company, there really is no way of knowing.

What does it mean when your insurance company says your policy has been cancelled for lack of underwriting information?

If the insurance company has asked you for information, and you have not provided it, they can cancel your policy. The company must understand the risk (what they are insuring). Each state has laws on how long the company is required to give you before cancelling your policy. Please check with your agent or with the insurance laws in your state.

Does your car insurance cover your car if you loan it to someone in Texas?

Texas or not the policy you insurance company has you on determines that

Does your car insurance go up when someone backs into your car when your not in it?

Normally this would not cause an insurance policy to increase, but it is possible. Every insurance company is different and have different rates. You should check with your insurance company directly and ask. Not at fault accidents can effect the price of a policy when the policy is new business with a company.

How do you find out if an insurance policy has not been canceled?

If it is your policy, call the insurance company. If not, you will have to have authority over the estate or person to get information on this due to the privacy laws.

Is beneficiary information on life policy a public record?

No it is not. The beneficiary information is listed on the policy and with the home office of the insurance company, but there is no reporting of it elsewhere.

How you can find out car insurance with policy no if you delete your mail information by mistake?

Just telephone your insurance company and they will give the information you need as well as a new insurance card.

Can a life insurance company give out information on a policy to someone that is not the beneficiary or the owner of the policy?

Generally not without a court order.Even the beneficiary should not be told if the owner is still alive and mentally competent.

Can the beneficiary see a copy of the life insurance policy of a deceased parent?

Contact the insurance company for information on how to make your claim and ask if they can supply a copy of the policy.

How much do auto insurance rates go up after an accident?

You will need to contact the policy services dept. of your insurance company or your agent for this information.AnswerYou will need to contact your agent or policy services dept for you insurance company for this answer. i totally agree

How do you find out if you are the benefactor of a life insurance policy of someone who has died?

1. Call the Life Insurance company that the deceased had and ask. You must be the executor of the estate or the beneficiary of the Life Insurance policy for them to give you this information. Basically, you tell them who you are and they will say yes you are or no you are not. In most cases you will only get this information when you produce the death certificate. 2. Check with The Center for Life Insurance Disputes.

Will insurance allow you to put your independent child's vehicle on your policy?

Insurance should. I would check with your information to see if your company can.

How do you find out who your house insurance is with?

Just look at your home insurance policy the company mails to your every year. It will have the name of the company and contact information by phone and mail.

How do you contact durham life insurance company of Raleigh nc?

My father has an old insurance policy with Durham Life Insurance Company Raleigh, North Carolina . All he has is a policy number. . No phone number to contact anyone. Please advise a phone number or best way to contact someone from Durham Life Insurance. Thank you, Nelma Taylor.

Where can I find information on new driver insurance?

You can get information related to young driver insurance at compare market insurance.

How to find out an old policy is still good?

Call the life insurance company and ask. To get life insurance company contact information, contact A.M. Best & Co.AnswerTry contacting the Insurance Company or agent.

How can you find a life insurance policy if you have insurance company name and policy number?

You can call the insurance company and provide your policy number, and they can provide any details on your policy, or send a duplicate policy if the original was lost.

Need to file claim against a company's insurance policy how do you get the information?

You just ask the company.

How do you find out if someone has auto insurance?

get a copy of the police report. it gives you the name of other parties insurance company and policy number.

If someone pays a lapsed life insurance policy up to date does that individual become payee or benificiary?

Only if the policy owner, sends a written request to the Insurance Company to do that.