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If you know someone who reported a bike stolen an filed an false insurance claim what should you do an a false police report?


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Those who make fraudulent insurance claims hurt us all because insurance companies factor in false claims when calculating their premiums: like shoplifting, we all pay more because of it. Also, false claims waste police time and resources But you need to examine your motives here. If you're considering reporting the offence because the person committing the fraud is someone you don't like, or want to get back at, it could be best for you that you don't do it. If as far as you know it's the only time the person has done this, you might also like to consider not reporting it. Perhaps you have reason to believe it isn't the first offence for this person or their friends or family; maybe you'd consider in the circumstances it should be reported. This could be tricky if the person or people involved might know it's you making the report, especially if there's a possibility they might retaliate. If it's a friend - a good friend - you could consider suggesting they clear the record by reporting the bike's been found and refunding the claim money. It wouldn't be a good idea, though, to make any comments which might be construed as a threat to report them. Try appealing to their better nature. If the person's a member of your own family you need to very carefully weigh up the consequences of making a report. In the end you need to consider the situation and follow your conscience.