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Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. LOL To work your revenge, you have to know who the LENDER is. Then report his whereabouts to them. Have Fun.....

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What level does dusclops evolve?

i dont know. mine hasnt evolved yet. ask someone who has a dusksnior!

Who is not not not a person that has not not set a foot on the moon Neil Armstrong or your Mom?

the mom because not(hasnt) not(double negative has) not(hasnt) person that has not (has [double negative]) not (hasnt) set foot on the moon

How has the guitar changed?

it hasnt

When did drought start in Kenya?

1990 and it still hasnt stopped, proper rain hasnt fall for 3 years now

Can someone give you a short summary on Greece?

it was really gay never go to greece it still hasnt changed its still the gayest country ever

Is hasnt a noun pronoun or verb?

Hasn't is actually an adjective (describing word) because it describes what someone has done eg: she hasn't done her work.

Is Iyaz dead?

No One is sure since he hasn't made a song for 11 months. he hasnt been seen or talked to by anyone lately..... Answer Updated : 12/11/2013

How to transfer number from one metro cell phone to another?

like, MertoPCS? I think you go to the store, but if the phone that has the number on it hasnt been active for three months they wont do it.

Does Hinata have kids with Naruto?

No, she hasnt.

What is the suffix of -necrosis?


How has the population of Yukon changed?

It hasnt

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He hasnt.

Was Jennifer Aniston ever pregnant?

No she hasnt

How has the printing press changed overtime?

it hasnt

Does Joey McIntyre have any tattoo?

No he hasnt.

When and where did Madeleine Albright die?

she hasnt yet ;)

Can a girl get pregnant if she hasnt had her period?

It is unlikely

Can a girl who hasnt had her period get pregnant?


Yang yoseob plastic sugery?

no, he hasnt

How has the saxophone changed over time?

it hasnt

Has messi retired?

no he hasnt he plays for argentina

When did Victoria Justice die?

she hasnt died!

When is Elizabeth ii died?

She hasnt yet

Has Katy Perry been to jail?

No she hasnt

Where did the loch ness monster go?

It hasnt gone any where it is still there it just hasnt been spotted reacently. keep a look out. hope this helps.