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To clarify, you're asking that.... ...if you're currently pregnant, is it still possible to get pregnant with a second child? The answer is no. Once an egg is fertilized and pregnancy starts, no other eggs are produced until childbirth.

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Can a woman conceive a set of twin boys during her pregnancy after claiming to have lost the first set of boys within the same year?

I dont know what you mean by claiming, but yes, a woman can miscarry a set of twins and then again become pregnant with another set of twins within the same year.

Do you conceive the same month you miss your menstrual?

Most likely if you missed a cycle you may all ready be pregnant.

Does a woman only create one egg each month?

unfortunately, yes, or fortunately depending on whether or not you want to conceive. I'm not a doctor, but i do know that it can happen (twins are when it happens at the same time.) i have heard that a woman can get pregnant (ovulate again) even when she is already pregnant (multiple births but different ages--within a few days or weeks.) don't know if that one is true but it's pretty scary if it is.

How can you get pregnant again?

The same way as you did the first time.

Does hip size return to normal after pregnancy?

Not really. They'll get smaller than when you were pregnant. But will never be quite the same again. Not really. They'll get smaller than when you were pregnant. But will never be quite the same again.

What do you feel like when you are pregnant but dont know you are pregnant.?

The same as you always feel.

What are the symptoms your partner can have if I'm pregnant?

Psychologically, they can have the same symptoms as you if they know you're pregnant.

Can you conceive a second pregnancy while already pregnant?

Yes you can, but only within about 2 weeks of the first conception. So you could actually be pregnant with two babies from two different fathers at the same time!

How do mice conceive?

The same way we do.

What are the chances of getting pregnant if you are almost 44 years of age?

With God, All things are possible. "Jesus Christ [is] the same yesterday, and today, and forever." (Hebrews 13:8) The same God that told Sarah she would conceive at 80 is Our same God we serve today! How great is that. So nothing is to out of reach for the hand of God...;)BTW, I'm 41 myself and trying to conceive as well. And I KNOW it will happen soon!...i had three children in my twenties, my fourth was a miscarrage at 29. at age 40 i got pregnant again and lost the baby at 7 weeks. at age 43 i became pregnant again. after two losses i prayed to God to let me carry this baby no matter what. i didn't care if i had a child with downs, just as long as i had the baby. and through the grace of God i had a healthy baby boy at age 44. i conceived natually. so i hope i am giving someone out there some faith. With God, all things are possible

Is Karen drew from wdiv pregnant again?

I was wondering the same thing. Looks like it!

If you are trying to conceive and you have a root canal scheduled on the same day as your ovulation could it cause you not to get pregnant or to miscarry?

The X-ray will damage the egg, unless you wear a covering that protects it... LEAD covering. I know I was in Dental school. As for the root canal, no, it won't cause you to not get pregnant, but you should warn the dentist if you even suspect that you are pregnant, so they can take every precaution in not harming the embryo...

Can you conceive and have a period in the same month?

Yes you can. I did.

Can you be 3month pregnant and not know?

Yes, you can be pregnant and not know. Some people have different bodies than others, and if you look the same, and are pregnant, you wouldn't know. Some people can be nine months pregnant, gain 10 pounds or so, and just look chubby, and they might not know.

Can you keep a buck with the doe in the same cage when she has babys?

yes but your doe will become pregnant again.

Can a woman conceive while being pregnant?

No, ovulation stops. Note that you could have fraternal twins if two eggs are released at the same time. (The timing doesn't have to be split second.)

If you conceive 4 weeks after a miscarriage and are still bleeding from it what are the chances of carrying that pregnancy to full term?

Hi, congrats if you are pregnant again. My mum miscarried and then caught with me in the same month and I'm here, so I think there is a very good chance of carrying the baby to full term. Good luck

Can a pregnant woman have another baby while pregnant?

No. Pregnancy stops the monthly release of an unfertilized egg, so except in rare and unusual circumstances, you can't get "more" pregnant while you're pregnant. The only time this might be reasonably defined is in the case where a woman releases two eggs. (Twins, ya know?...) After sexual intercourse, one egg is fertilized, so she's "pregnant". She may not know it yet, but she is. A few hours later, she has intercourse again, and the second egg is fertilized. She's pregnant again, but for all intents and purposes, her pregnancy is from the same monthly cycle.

If you were on birth control pills for eight years will it be harder to conceive?

It could possibly take a few months longer to get pregnant, but it won't be harder. Your body may just need to "get the pill out of it's system." Although I know a few people who got pregnant the same week they got off the pill, after being on it for a while. Everyone is different.

You had a miscarriage oct 10th and a d and c the same day is it possible that you still might be pregnant?

The chance to still be pregnant after a D&C is very slim but you can however be pregnant again.

How long after giving birth can a guinea pig get pregnant again?

It has been known to get pregnant again right after giving birth. The same day as it delivered the babies. This is not advised however because this can stress a good mama piggy.

How do you know if your fish are pregnant?

The vast majority of fish are egg layers so will never get pregnant. The only fish that get pregnant are 'Livebearers'. If you have a male and a female of the same species of livebearer the female will be pregnant anyway. To answer your question. Without you telling me what fish you have I can't know if your fishes are pregnant.

What are the risk factors for getting pregnant one month after giving birth premature due to preeclampsia?

I had preeclampsia toximia and was told to wait at least 5 yrs before I got pregnant again as I could develop the same again

Do birth control pills work during the first trimester?

What do you mean by 'work'? When you are pregnant, you can't get pregnant again at the same time, therefore there is no need for birth control

Does a bladder infection give you the same symton as a pregnant symptom?

i really want to know if the only way you can get a bladder inffection if your pregnant?