If you left your job and became pregnant before another getting a new job will you be covered on a new group health insurance?

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No. You'd have more of a case for the prior insurer to cover it if that policy was in effect at the time of conception. At the time of conception if there was no available coverage and coverage was obtained after the diagnosis it becomes a pre-existing condition and would not be covered by either insurance.
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Are you eligible for disability leave if you start a new job when six months pregnant and will only work 10 weeks before you take off?

The answer depends on when your coverage became effective. Most plans are effective after a time frame (ex: the 1st month following your date of hire, etc.). In order to be eligible your coverage would have to be effective while you are still working and prior to going out. Secondly, it would also d ( Full Answer )

Under HIPPAA if a pregnant worker leaves job and within 63 days husband takes a new job with group coverage will it cover the pregnancy preexisting?

Answer . Only if she was covered by a qualified group plan and elected COBRA can she be added to husbands with no lapse in coverage, thus not pre-existing. You may want to check your state, but my understanding is you have 90 day to elect Cobra and 90 days to pay, but you will owe from day one t ( Full Answer )

If you have employees out on a job site of a customer to set up new products and they are injured is it covered by the customer's workmen's comp insurance or yours?

Answer . YOURS. They are your employee. I am not an attorney. But I've worked HR for 5 years and processed work comp injuries for my company. Consider something similar: temporary employees via temp agencies. Temporary employees are covered by the temp agency from which they are employeed, NOT th ( Full Answer )

If you change jobs and health insurance does the amount paid out of pocket expenses for deductible or coinsurance on old policy transfer to your new one in the same year?

\n. \nI don't know of any provision for your deductible or coinsurance to be taken over if YOU change jobs. They must though give you credit against a pre-exisitng condition clause \nIf an employer though switches from one Insurance carrier to another, then most will give credit \n. \nI have had a ( Full Answer )

If you are denied temporary health insurance can you still be eligible for insurance from the same company when you start your new job?

Answer . \nGenerally yes. Most employer coverage is guaranteed issue. If you applied for an individual coverage and were denied for underwriting reasons that should have no effect on the employer plan. In fact, it is common for someone with an uninsurable condition to make the availablility of ( Full Answer )

If temporary self-obtained insurance coverage ends a few weeks before employer coverage begins at a new job will there be any problems with the new policy?

\n. \n Answer \n. \n. \nThe answer depends on a few factors. If the self-obtained insurance is a HIPAA compliant plan (Creditable Coverage) and the gap between the two plans is less than 63 days, you should be able to avoid any pre-existing conditions caluses in the new employer's coverage. ( Full Answer )

If you lose your job and primary health insurance but are also covered through your spouse's group plan are you still eligible for COBRA?

That would depend on if your spouse's coverage is group or individual coverage. If it is group coverage offered by your spouse's employer then NO. Cobra regulations specifically say that you are not eligible if you have other employer sponsored group coverage with one exception. That is if the other ( Full Answer )

Would bankruptcy have an effect on your current job or on getting a new job?

Answer . It depends on the employers and their policy. Many companies consider bankruptcy to be a moral issue that demonstrates a persons lack of character. Employers like that may consider that anyone who isn't willing to take responsibility for his/her financial obligations will probably tend ( Full Answer )

Does the mother's health insurance cover the new baby?

Answer . Contact your carrier direct, most will cover the baby while in the hosptial after birth, but of course, they will have to be added to the policy, and premium paid for that child.

If you lost a job that had no medical insurance would a job that your 5 month pregnant wife is about to start be covered?

More and more insurances are beginning to cover pregnancy that is pre-existing.. The only way to find out for sure is ask the insurance or the company that she is going to work for should have someone that knows the insurance plans.. In a group insurance plan, pregnancy cannot be considered a pree ( Full Answer )

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If you have insurance and you change jobs to another state that might not have group insurance can you get insurance if you have a disabled child that has had large health expenses?

Its up to the insurance company as regulated by the state they are doing business in I believe. I have MS if I were to change jobs and insurers I could very well be denied coverage.. IT happens all the time.. Another travisty of our free market system, and special interest groups! Answer 45 of ou ( Full Answer )

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You just started a new job and signed up for health insurance your old job ends at end of the week you still receive health insurance through your old job is it illegal for your coverage to overlap?

If a policyholder has multiple insurance policies covering the same risk, then each insurer will usually contribute to the settlement of any claim. Typically this will happen when the total claim is more than is contractually allowed by either policy. If there are no policy provisions stating oth ( Full Answer )

If you are diagnosed with ms while employed and insured by one company but want to switch jobs will the insurance at the new job cover you?

Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act . The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) was enacted several years ago to address "Pre-Existing Conditions", which is what you are describing. HIPAA is very specific on how Health Insurance companies can treat you and AN ( Full Answer )

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Your husband is leaving his current job to take another job both husband and wife are covered under this employers health insurance can both parties be enrolled in the wifes insurance as prim coverage?

You should be able to. You typically can join your company's group plan during open enrollment, or after a qualifying event. Losing coverage from your husband's employer should be considered a qualifying event. Usually you have a limited time frame to make this change. If all else fails you may lo ( Full Answer )

Does YOUR health insurance continue after you leave YOUR job?

People who leave their place of employment are entitled to continuing health care coverage through COBRA, if there are 20 or more people working at the company. COBRA will provide coverage from 18-36 months after you leave your job. http://www.dol.gov/dol/topic/health-plans/cobra.htm

In the Economic slowdown i lost my job my new employer does not provide group health insurance to its employees Any help as how you should buy health insurance privately?

Well, as you mentioned that your new employer does not offer you group health insurance, it seems you had the policy with your earlier employer. One option is that you can continue the same policy for 18 months through COBRA; or pick up some online platforms that will give you a fair idea of plans a ( Full Answer )

Which type of health insurance policy may not cover all of your health insurance needs or may deny benefits if you lose your job?

Most people get health insurance through their job. Most insurance companies prefer to get one check to insure 100 people than to get 100 different checks. Since you have health insurance through your job when you lose your job, your old company no longer takes care of the paperwork. Most health ins ( Full Answer )

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when you look for a new job of course:) -and when you made the interviewer impressed of your answers :) -when you're uhappy with your previous work

Is your health insurance covered if changing jobs?

I'm not sure what you mean by "covered". However, if the company you are leaving has at least 20 full time employees, you can pay to keep your coverage under COBRA until your new employer's coverage kicks in. However, COBRA rates are quite high as they are the rates your employer pays. Most states h ( Full Answer )

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