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Yes and you could have burned up the well pump and you could have also frozen your drain line. If you don't have water pressure at this time I would suspect your pump is toast from running to often. Electric motors are only designed to start so many tyimes an hour without burning up.

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โˆ™ 2006-05-01 22:05:50
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Q: If you left your water running to prevent your pipes from freezing for a few weeks could you have run the well dry?
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How do you prevent pipes from freezing?

you have to have good insulation wherever you have the pipes in your house or apartment. This will keep your pipes from freezing and bursting. :)

How do you prevent water pipes from freezing?

electric heat tape drain the lines during freezing weather

When should you start a trickle of water to prevent pipes from freezing?

You should run the water right before it gets really cold. That will prevent your water from freezing.

What is the best way to keep my pipes from freezing?

There is no single best way to keep pipes from freezing. Insulating (wrapping) pipes is a common method. Leaving the cold water faucet open just enough for a slow drip is another method to prevent freezing.

How can one prevent frozen pipes?

One can prevent pipes from freezing during cold temperatures by ensuring water runs through them. A good idea to do this is to let the tap drip. Draining the water system when going on vacation during cold spells can help pipes from freezing as well.

How do you stop pipes from freezing with no heat?

Fill with anti freeze solution or keep the water running.

Can a landlord enter a tenants aparment without permission to turn on furnance?

If it was so cold outside that he thought the pipes might freeze, and he could not possibly find the tenant to have her grant access, then, yes, he could enter to prevent the pipes from freezing. Otherwise, he must have her permission. And, the pipes ain't gonna freeze in October.

Why are pipes insulated?

The main purpose of such pipes is to maintain the temperature of the fluid in the pipes. A common application is the hot water from district heating plants. Pipes carrying cold fluid are typically insulated to prevent condensation and freezing on the pipes, which can lead to water damage and equipment damage.

Why do the pipes in a steam heating system need to be insulated?

The pips in a steam heating system need to be insulated to prevent condensation. Condensation can lead to mold and or freezing of the steam pipes in the winter.

Should you leave your faucets running to avoid pipes freezing?

No, it won't help at all. You need to keep the pipes above freezing temperature (32oF, 0oC) and if it happens often (like for more than two weeks a year) you should invest in insulation.

How To Keep Your Pipes From Freezing With Heat Tape ?

If your pipes freeze and burst, the damage could be extensive, and the repair could be costly. If your home has exposed pipes, wrap them in heat tape. That way, when the weather gets very cold, the heat tape will warm the pipes and keep them from freezing. Even if your area does not usually have hard winters, make sure to protect your pipes just in case. You could have an unusually cold winter. Remember to insulate any pipes in your garden as well. These pipes can cause damage if they freeze, even if they are far away from your house.

Why does the kitchen pipes make a loud whistling sound when running hot water?

There could be air in the pipes causing it to whistle.

Why does not having snow lead to pipe bursts?

If water pipes are in a crawl space or in a basement running close to an outside wall, snow can act as an insulator to keep enough heat in the area of the pipes. However, if you happen to have water pipes that are exposed in this way, they should be wrapped in heat tapes to prevent freezing. If you're new to this building or new to a cold weather region, you should know that it can very often be below freezing without snowing. You should have pipes checked to see if a previous owner or tenant had heat tapes that may no longer work.

How can you prevent pipes from bursting?

You can prevent pipes from bursting by wrapping the pipes and also by letting water drip all night.

Hot tub had water and ice in it is it ruined?

If the pipes weren't cracked from the water freezing and expanding then you could be ok.

Why is there a banging sound in your house when it gets real cold?

I've never heard that in my house, but the pipes could be freezing or something.

What is a Safe house temperature to keep pipes from freezing?

At least one degree above freezing?

Why water pipes shake when water is running?

They shake because, the water exerts pressure when running in the pipes

What is the minimum temperature to set your thermostat on when you leave home for a week in the Winter to prevent the pipes from freezing?

The minimum it can be set is 45 degrees F. You think the engineers would design it to allow pipes to freeze? Maybe they would if they did not do well in college.

You have copper pipe going up outside walls to the 2nd floor for heat I installed a new boiler running H2O the old boiler ran antifreeze Is it req with year round occupancy and the haet running?

do you want the chance of the pipes freezing ? frozen pipes carry a expensive service charge

At what temperature do you restart a swimming pool?

I guess you are asking about daily air temperature. Once the surface has melted, the only concern is the above ground pipes freezing. If you leave the pump running all the time, the chance of freezing is very low.

How do you thaw frozen pipes?

Depending on the location of the frozen pipes, you might erect a barrier around the pipes and use a space heater to warm the area. Stay in the area, watch to make sure you don't start a fire and that the pipes don't leak when they thaw. If the pipes are outside your house install some heat tape, it will prevent them from freezing again. If the pipes are outside, the best solution is to put them deeper into the ground (natural and good insulation).

Why it is important to protect water pipes from freezing?

You must keep water pipes from freezing because when water is cooling to the point of freezing, the particles contract. But eventually when frozen too long the ice expands, not melting but expands which can damage the actual pipe.

Could air in the pipes possibly have something to do with the toilet running continuously?

no. repair or adjust your water level valve.

At what temperature does home pipes freeze?

They start freezing at about 30 f.