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If you let GMAC repossess your car will they take you to court?


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2015-07-15 19:46:40
2015-07-15 19:46:40

Unless they change the laws, YES they will.


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No. To be able to repossess any of your property, they must hold a lien on it. If they have no lien on it, they have no right to repossess. Their only option is to take you to court.

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Your lawyer will help you start the procedure.

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After they repossess the vehicle they will sell it for whatever they can get. You are then responsible for the difference in what they sold the car for and the balance owed on the loan. If you do not pay this amount they will take you to court.

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Can the police repossess your car? Can the police repossess your car?

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You can repossess a car from from any one as long as your down as a lean holder on title. If your name is not on the title as lean holder than you can't take the car.

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