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Unless they change the laws, YES they will.

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Q: If you let GMAC repossess your car will they take you to court?
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Can a debt collector repo your car is they are not lienholder on title?

No. To be able to repossess any of your property, they must hold a lien on it. If they have no lien on it, they have no right to repossess. Their only option is to take you to court.

How is a court order obtained to repossess a car?

Your lawyer will help you start the procedure.

Can a bank sue you after repossesion of a car?

After they repossess the vehicle they will sell it for whatever they can get. You are then responsible for the difference in what they sold the car for and the balance owed on the loan. If you do not pay this amount they will take you to court.

Can one owner repossess a car from the other owner?

You can repossess a car from from any one as long as your down as a lean holder on title. If your name is not on the title as lean holder than you can't take the car.

What is Texas law on repossession procedures?

Can the police repossess your car? Can the police repossess your car?

If a creditor garnishes wages for debt can they take your car?

If the debt is on the car, or the car was used as collateral for the loan, YES they can repossess the vehicle!

Can a bank report a car stolen if in default of payment?

YES, IF YOU CLAIM NOT TO KNOW WHERE IT IS. If you call the bank and say I dont know where the car is its gone, they are going to tell you to report it stolen. If you stop making payments on it then they will repossess, if there is no car to repossess then you are still responsible to pay the monthly payment car or no car If you stop paying and there is no car to repossess then they at that point can take legal action against you. I dont know if its reported stolen but take my word for it you will pay somehow.

You want to take the car from the co-owner?

The best way to take the car from the co-owner is to have the car refinanced alone. Once the care is solely in your name, you can repossess the car.

Can a private party repossess a car without a written contract?

People known as Edc's may repo a car if they are in possession of an original court order from the bank

Is a court order needed to repossess your car from your driveway?

In Wisconsin, yes. In LA., most of the time. In the other states, self help repossessions DO NOT require a court order.

How far behind in car payments must you be for gmac to repossess yhour car?

I think with any auto finance company you must be 90 days to 120 days delinquent on your loan before they start considering repossessing the vehicle. Beware, within that same time period, your car, truck, or etc.. will be repossessed.

How long does it take a loan company to repossess your car after it charges off?

2-5 months

Is it legal to go onto private property to repossess a car?

No, they are allowed to come and take it away.

What can you do with a lender when you can't pay for the car anymore?

You can contact them and sometimes you can work out a deal with them. If not, you can allow them to repossess the car. Contact the lender and they will tell you where to take the car.

What is a repair facility's legal responsibility regarding vehicle repossession?

Not sure what you mean. If you are asking if you have a bill from a mechanic and don't pay it, can they repossess the car? Not without a court hearing. If you have a car that is held by a lien and the lien holder comes after the car while it is being worked on, the lien holder CAN and WILL take the car.

How do you use repossess in a sentence?

Hey Hun, if you do not make the payments they will come to repossess your car.

Can a dealership repossess your car if they are not the lien holder?

No. The lienholder is the only entity with a right to repossess.

Can you repo a car from a casino on tribal land?

For a non-tribal member lien holder to repossess a car on tribal land, that entity must first obtain a repossession order issued by the tribal court. State court issued orders will not suffice. Once an order is issued by the tribal court, granting permission for lien holder to enter tribal land to repossess, repo proceedings can commence.

Can you repossess a car on tribal land?


Where can one find out more about a GMAC car loan?

One can find out more about a GMAC car loan by visiting their official website. There are also a lot of companies that offer this kind of loan, like carsdirect.

My car was in an accident and is still at the body shop which hasn't been paid yet he finance company wants to repossess the car. Can they repo it from the body shop?

Yes, the finance company can repossess the car from the body shop. They would likely wait for the car to be fixed before they repossess the car.

Where is the home office for GMAC Car Insurance?

Founded in 1939, the GMAC car Insurance Company is head-quartered in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, USA. It is the only insurance company in the US to have been started from within the car industry.

What type of car insurance does GMAC offer?

GMAC offers car insurance which covers liability for body injury, liability for damage to property, car collision, medical expenses, uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage and personal injury protection.

When can a bank repossess someones car?

As long as the bank is listed as the lienholder on the title and as long as you owe them money and haven't paid they can repossess the car.

When a bank repossess someones car?

As long as the bank is listed as the lienholder on the title and as long as you owe them money and haven't paid they can repossess the car.