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Q: If you let the bank repossess your car will it show on your credit as a repossession or just that you owe them an amount due?
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When can a bank repossess someone car?

when he has a credit

If you are in repossession status and are making efforts to pay on your late payments can they still repossess your vehicle?

Once the loan is in default the bank has the right to refuse payment and repossess the vehicle.

Where can you find repossession advice?

Repossession is typically an action that a lender may perform when the individuals/groups that they have money or goods to have not compensated them after a set amount of time. The best places to go for repossession advice would be the local legal authorities, such as the police, or the nearest bank if they are also known to repossess property.

Can you be arrested for a felony by driving a car that the bank is going to repossess in Pennsylvania?

No. Repossession is a civil matter not a criminal one.

Does the bank have to tell you they are going to repossess your car.?

Yes, the bank must tell you that your vehicle is being repossessed. The bank will usually try to reconcile the debt before the repossession takes place.

When can a bank reposess a car?

A bank can repossess a car at any time the loan has defaulted. Many times a bank will wait until a payment is 2 to 3 months behind before repossession.

Can the bank take your car at the dealer if it is in the process of repossession?

The bank can repossess their (not 'your' vehicle until you possess the pink slip) vehicle at any point where it's accessible to them, including places of business.

How do you repair credit after a car repossession?

A repossession will be reported by your bank to the credit bureaus after your car has been repossessed. Obviously this will drastically lower your credit score if you owed a lot of money and if it was recent. The best thing you can do is contact your bank, especially if you have a good relationship with them and try to work out a deal. If any amount is owed you can use that as a bargaining chip to have them remove the negative listing upon payment. If nothing is owed, they just took your car you don't have much to negotiate with. You can also dispute the repossession to the credit bureaus. You send a dispute letter to them asking for verification on the repossession. They must investigate the item with your bank. If it isn't verified with in 30 days it must be removed from your credit reports. The older the item the better chance of it coming off.

Can a bank still repossess your car if they said they would cancel it and you have made payment arrangements to get current?

If you continue to make payments as agreed, on time, you should be safe from repossession.

How long will a repossession stay on your credit report if you've made arrangements to repay the monies owed?

Normally a repossession stays on your credit rating for 7 years. If you are repaying the loan, talk to the bank and see if they have reported it. They may or may not have.

What is the average price a bank pays a recovery company for the repossession of a vehicle in the state of Mississippi?

The average price a bank pays to repossess a vehicle is anywhere from 200.00 to 400.00. The actual price will vary depending on the company and location of the car.

If you have two car loans at one bank can the bank repossess both even?

Yes they can repossess everything that you got a loan for.

What happens to your credit if you let a bank repossess your RV?

You will be reported to ALL 3 credit agencies, and reported to chexsystems. You will most likely be unable to open any new loans or bank accounts.. including savings accounts, debit cards, credit cards, etc.

In what ways can a bank repossession affect you?

Hurt your credit and pride. Also it hurts your relationship with the bank. Try hard to make your payments and get back on track. You can't do anything without credit, so build it back up.

Where are credit banks situated?

Credit banks hold the amount of credit available in the banking system. Credit banks are situated at different places; the actual situation of the credit bank depends on the bank itself.

What happens when you give an upside down motor home that you can't afford the payments on back to the bank?

The bank will sell the motor home for whatever they can get. You will then be responsible for the balance left on the loan. For instance if the payoff is $10,000 on the motor home and they sell it for $$7,500 then you will still have to pay the bank $2,500 plus any fees associated with the sale and loan. Your credit will then be ruined for 7 years. But this is better than a repossession where you would have to also pay repossession fees. Sit down with a loan officer at the bank and see if you can work something out. They do no want to repossess it anymore than you want to loose it.

When can a bank repossess someones car?

As long as the bank is listed as the lienholder on the title and as long as you owe them money and haven't paid they can repossess the car.

If someone is in debit how often will the banks reduce their credit access?

If someone is in debit the bank can reduce their credit access several times, according to the credit amount and several other factors which can be different from bank to bank.

How can you get a letter of credit?

Buyer (the importer) has to contact their bank (called issuing bank) to establish a letter of credit in favor of seller (importer) through importer bank (also called advising bank) to get a letter of credit, bank will keep some marginal amount as deposit.

Bulk posting charges in sbi bank?

by happening this bank will credit some amount for customer account

What are the three difference between a bank and a credit union?

A bank holds and stores money, and a credit union is for a temporary holding for money, and your only suppose to have a certain amount of money in the credit union

What is the journal entry when purchasing a company?

Debit assetsCredit liabilitiescredit cash / bank (balance amount)

Can a bank repossess a paid for car for other credit debt i own the car but i owe a lot of other debt?

The bank doesn't own the car. Unless you used it as an asset, or collateral for a loan from them, they should have no hold on that.

How to make credit card payment through cheque entry in tally?

Dr. Credit card amount XYZ Cr. Bank Account amount XYZ

Can a bank garnishee your wages after a repossession?