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Your insurance broker can answer your question.

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The wall and ceiling textures do not have to match. depending on your taste, the ceiling could be popcorned or swirled, or the walls could even be an adobe style. The homeowners imagination is the only limit.

Black to Black - Black from the ceiling is a hot wire and should be switched Red to Blue - Red wire is another hot wire and should also be switched White to White - White from the ceiling is the neutral and should not be switched. Your wall should have two switches, one will control the red wire, one will control the black wire. If you wire your fan as above, one switch will turn the fan on, the other will turn the light of the fan on.

The answer to this question has little to do with the cracked ceiling but what caused the ceiling to crack in the first place. If it is caused by settling of the home or earth movement then the ceiling crack would not be covered. If a tree limb fell due to a windstorm and damaged the ceiling then it would be covered under a homeowners policy.

See: "How can you re-wire a wall switch that controls an outlet to control a ceiling fan?" (Follow the link below.) The procedure is the same whether the new device is a light fixture or a ceiling fan.

I presume you mean 'homeowner's insurance'. Some contracts do cover it, some don't. You will have to look at the small print in your own policy.

You'll have to refer to your policy language or consult with your agent. Most homeowners Insurance policies offered since the late 1990's automatically exclude coverage for mold or fungi and relegates back to a home maintenance issue. Also note the pre-existing conditions clause in your Home policy. The home Warranty purchased with most homes new and used, warrant property condition at the time of delivery.

It depends on what caused the leak. If your leak was caused by a covered peril on your policy such as Hail wind fire etc, then your homeowners insurance would cover the cost of a repair and the repair of internal damage resulting from the leak. If the leak is resultant of aged material or normal wear and tear such as an old roof that has outlived the life of the material, then that is a maintenance issue and ceiling damage will continue to occur every time it rains. Your insurance company would probably fix your ceiling but not until after you replace the aged roof.

The roof likely wont be covered for 'leaking' unless there is 'covered' damage to it (such as wind damage). The interior damage may or may not be covered depending on your specific policy. See Section I- Perils Insured Against, Coverage A (building) and Coverage B (other structures) in your policy. //

If the ceiling fan has a light fixture included in the fan, then there will be three. A white, black and blue. The blue is for the fan if the owner wants the fixture to be switched individually from the fan. Other wise there are only two wires to connect to the fan, a black and white.

the sentence for ceiling can be.. the ceiling is black

As homeowners look for ways to dress up their home, ceiling fans with lights are often a welcome addition and can actually increase the appeal of a home for sale. Ceiling fans with lights serve a double service, of course. They allow individuals to regulate the cool air in a room or drive the warm air back down where it is needed. By providing light, they eliminate the need for lamps. If installation is done properly, a good ceiling fan will last for years. Lighted ceiling fans do require regular inspection and tighening of hardware to prevent rattling.

That led is only showing that there is power to the switch and/or the light and fan fixture. You would have to check the power at the fixture to determine if it is actually in the switched feed or the fan/light assembly.

In most cases the association is responsible for mantaining the roof and structure. It should the the association's insurance problem.

No, the word ceiling is not an adverb at all.The word ceiling is actually a noun.

A false ceiling is often known as a drop ceiling or suspended ceiling. A false ceiling was originally developed to conceal the underside of the floor above.

The correct term is false ceiling. Fall ceiling isn't correct.

Ceiling : saqf written as : سقف

A ceiling partition is a track on the ceiling that may have a metal or wooden wall fitting into it. This divides a room by the ceiling support.

Seems to me a ceiling shower head would be mounted on the ceiling, and would be the height of the ceiling.

form_title= Ceiling Repair form_header= Repair a broken ceiling with help from a professional! Why does the ceiling need to be repaired? *= _ How old is the building?* = _ Does your ceiling contain Asbestos?* () Yes () No () Not Sure

it is a ceiling that follows the line of the roof, not a ceiling that runs parallel with the floor.

A ceiling fan that mounts directly to the ceiling with no down-rod.

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