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Well, they could have up to 3 to 16 pups. I had my hamster for a week and it had 16 babies, so if you know your hamster is pregnant be prepared for a little babies and a lot of babies. If you don't know how to tell if she is pregnant look for nipples on her stomach.

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How many female hamster can a male hamster mate?

as many as they want! woahhooooooooooo!!!

How old does a female hamster have to be before it has babies?

As early as a couple months, even weeks! Unless you can find homes for many, many, hamsters, I would suggest not putting a male and female hamster together.

What can you do for your hamster when she is going to have babies?

Seperate the male. You remove the male hamster from the female when she is about to have the babies to prevent it from killing them. When they are weened and big enough to defend themselves the male can be put back, but it would be best not to have too many all together as they may fight.

What do female gerbils do when meeting a male?

Gerbil stuff. Smell each other. Look for signs of aggression. A male may attack a female. They will will have many hamsters. An adult will eat a baby hamster.

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How many hamsters can a Syrian hamster give birth to?

A Syrain Hamster can give almost the same amount a Dwarf Hamster can give to. The number per liter depends on how long the female has been active with the male. For more Information, visit:

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The average teenage female consumes 1,800 calories a day. The average teenage male consumes 2,600 calories per day. Teenagers need more calories because they are growing.

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How many nipples does a female hamster have?

At least 15 or less

How many offspring do piranhas have?

Female piranha lays an average of 5,000 eggs. Both male and female piranha defend their protected eggs that on average more than 905 will survive.

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Average Female: 12 Average Male: 9 (this is not including body tissue. only exoskeleton)

Plant that produces male and female flowers on sepearte male and female plants?

because there is not many other plants to have having a male and a female

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How many babies can a hamster have at once?

A hamster can have up to 16 babies at once but the average hamster has about 3-10 babies

What is the average weight if you are 5'6?

Many variables must be considered when determining your average weight, depending on your age (pre-teen, teen, adult), frame size (small-medium or large bone), genetics and the height, in general it's around (male) 128 - 156 lbs., (female) 117 - 143 lbs.

What is the average lifesapan of a hamster?

the average lifespan of a hamster is around 1-2 years, but there are many hamsters that can live longer than that.

How many more average daily calories are needed by a 17 year old male than by a female?

About 900.

Your hamster as her period even though you don't own a male hamster?

If your hamster is bleeding from her rear take her to a vet ASAP. Hamsters do not have periods, not many animals do.

How many baby hamster can a Syrian hamster have?

The average litter size for a Syrian hamster is around 7 but can be anywhere up to 24

How many days later will the female hamster get pregnant after breeding?

The hamster could become pregnant afer 10-16 day's

How con you tell the sex of your hamster?

Female hamsters have as many as 16 nipples.