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Trust is a funny thing, you can start from nothing and build trust up, but once you've built up a level of trust it's very difficult to break it and then rebuild it. It's like someone telling you they lied, but only this once. Usually a liar is a repeat offender. I think the question here is "are you truly deeply in Love with your girlfriend?" Only you can answer that one, but if you're talking to other girls and posting pictures on dating sites, you might not be as in Love as you think. In the end, girls appreciate honesty above most male traits, so that might be a nice place to start, be honest with her.

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โˆ™ 2005-10-05 17:03:54
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Q: If you lied to your girlfriend about talking to girls on instant messenger and looking at dating sites and posting your pictures how can you gain her trust and win her back if you deeply love her?
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