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AnswerShe may look at you a lot, toy with her hair, not directly talk to you but chat nearby you with friends and glance at you regurlarly.

Some girls unfortunately won't take the initiative with a guy. Go over and start a conversation with her.

she or he will follow you everywhere and they wont tell you they like you and everyone will think you like them . Or if you like them hang with them too


well she might flirt with you alot and blink her eyes in a cute way amd she might look at you alot and twirl her hair everytime she talks to you and she might blush when you looks at her or talk to her or she might smile everytime she sees you or she might smile after every word she says when she is talking to you but other shy girls might say they like your smile to your friend but you ask her and she says she didnt say it but inside it is killing her cause she dose like your smile and when she says no she dosen"T say a word she just smiles and put lick her lips and shake her head no or she might look at you then when you look over she turns her head she is doing somthing else but when she looks at you she smiles and blushes and looks a your eyes or lips and she might just ask you stupid questions like did you write the homwork down for class down or want to study or can you help me with math well that's basically it trust me on this i am a girl and i do all of these

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Q: If you like a girl and her friends say she likes you and every time they ask her who she likes your name pops up what would be some body language signs that she really does like you?
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What does it mean when a boy puts their hand on your leg?

He either likes you more than friends or he is a pervert that touches every girl by body language.

What does it mean when a guy calls you every day?

It means that either you're really good friends or he likes you. It's pretty obvious.

What do you do when your husband likes to be around friends more than you and argues with you every night about it?

Get a divorce and find some one who really wants to be married.

Can a girl fall in love with a boy that she really likes and is friends with someone that she's known forever but has not talked to the boy she really likes?


What does it mean if this guy tells you he really likes you and he has told his friends but sometimes he ignores you?

It means he REALLY likes you. Maybe even LOVE.

What is miley's favorite tv show?

She really likes "Friends"

What do you do if your friends boyfriend likes someone else and your friend really likes the guy and you know who your friend's boyfriend likes?

tell your friend

How can you tell him that we just need to be friends?

If he really likes you he will understand.Ok. Just stay friends and help him when he needs it.

What does it mean when a boy touch a girl hand?

It means that the boy likes you and if he does it in front of friends then he really likes you but if he does it behind his friends back he doesn't want his friends to know that he likes you. take it from me i'm a girl and the behind the back thing has happened to me.

What does it mean when a girl says shut up when they hear your name?

well it depends, if her friends say it to her then that means that there teasing her because she really likes you or because she hates you....what you need to observe is her body language or the expressions on her face when she hears your name (this only applies if her friends are really close to her... because we girls are more likely to confide in people we trust and know every well) hope this helped

If a boy talks to every girl in your grade what is he trying to do?

Im In The 7th Grade, and this boy has every girls number and mostly every girl likes him, i used to like him but i dnt like him anymore. {he even went out with some of my friends, and 1 of my friends likes him}

A cool kid who is friends with lucas merril and every one likes himWhat is a gerald bateman?

A crazy fat kid who likes to rape everything he touches and and likes to blame everything he does on his friends. He also likes to jerk his turkey in class

What to do when every boy likes your friend?

i know how you feel the boy i really like i found out he likes my bff and every time i like any other boy he seem to like her you should say it to her if she is a true bff she will talk to one or two of them and tell him how great and cool you are. And if she wasn't a true friend, break friends or go to a boy she likes and go out with him. Or make her go out with a boy that she really hates.

I really like this kid but I dont know if he likes me?

ask his friends about what he thinks of you

What if you are just friends with a guy but you really like him then how can you tell if he likes you back?

You ask him :)

What does it mean if he talks about you to his friends?

It depends what he says to his friends about you really.. if it's nice flattering stuff he probs likes you:)

If a boy talks mean to you around his friends but is really nice when he isn't around his friends does he like you?

Yup! He likes you~ The same happens to meYeah he likes you! He's just acting tough in front of his friends.

What do you do if you like a boy and he likes you back but he's your friends ex and she still likes him?

well i think that if you and your friend are really good friends you should stop talking with the boy or just be friends with him because friends are ireplasable and boy are ok

How do you tell if your girlfriend still really likes you?

It really depends on how she acts around you. Do you guys not text or hang out that much? If she's not that distant, it probably means she still likes you. But if you want to be sure, you could get one of your friends to ask her if she still likes you or you could ask one of her friends if she stilll likes you. Good luck!

Do he really likes you?

You are Not going to find an answer to a question like that here. I am sorry, but, you have to look elsewhere. Also, the question: Do he really likes you, needs to be phrased much better. Are you asking; what if he really likes you? Or, are you asking; does a specific person really like you? Are you asking what are the signs (body language) that show whether or not a person likes you?

What are ways to know when a guy likes you at school when you never talk and always look at each other in the halls but are friends?

Well if you are really friends and only friends, then you are definitely friends. but if you hint that he likes you, and he looks at you all the time, then its time he realised how good lookin you are and he likes you. If you dont know, then go up and ask. If you are friends already then that means he should be able to tell you if he likes you or not.

What do you do to tell if a girl likes you?

I am a girl so i know what i am talking about! If a girl likes you then she will probably look at you, then when you turn your head to see if see is looking at you she will quickly turn her head so you don't think she is looking at you! when you are walking around (even if you are with your friends) she will look at you. Sometimes when a girl likes you her feet with be pointing you but not her body! her head will not be facing you or looking at you but her feet will! Also if a girl likes you when you are just hanging out with your friends or with out you friends she with kinda fallow you a little bit. But if she really likes you, she might even leave you a love note WITHOUT her name. But if she really really really REALLY likes you then she will put her name on the love note!

How do you know if a guys likes you but one of your friends said that her friend said that he likes her?

have a friend ask him for you if he really likes you...or you could flirt with him and see if he flirts back.

Can you tell if a guy likes you by how his friends act around you?

well yes and no because if his friends are really important to him than yes but if they are not no

If a guy really likes or loves you would he laugh at your dad with his other friends?