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if you have an open relationship with her than i would advise to ask. also if you are open with her intend a night where the two of you can become open with each other at a right time. Another advice is if you are like me don't ask if it will bother you later on.

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Why do guys that probably like a girl give them a vicious stare?

so the girl won't suspect anything.

Do guys ever forget about a girl they like?

It is likely that they don't. It is hard to forget people who have made an impact on your life but as time goes on we think of them fondly and we loose feelings of lust for them.

Can you get a girl who does not like you?


What if the girl is cute will guys still like her?

Of course! I think a lot of guys like a cute girl

Does guys like when girl have belly button pierced?

Many guys like it when a girl has her belly button pierced but some don't. The guys who do like it find it to be a turn on for them.

What will make a girl like you?

Ok I am a girl. Personally, I like guys who are smart, and have good hair, and they don't act desperate. Most girls hate it when guys play hard to get because they may like you, but they don't know if you like them back, so then they will pretend they don't like you, which will get you all confused. Don't forget to shampoo your hair EVERY day to keep your hair looking good. Ok, I'm a girl too, and I just like guys that are easy to hang out with.

What should you do when you like a guy but a guy doesn't like you?

you should forget the guy and move on (don't waste time on guys) you should forget the guy and move on (don't waste time on guys)

Do guys like it when a girl touches their dick?

Well most guys are into that thing, so yes, guys like it when a girl(or guy if gay) touch their penis.

Do guys like it more when a girl asks them out or they ask the girl out?

girls love to be asked out if they like you backwhat about guys? Do they want girls to ask them out or do they want to do it themselves?some guys like a girl that will take charge of things

Why did many guys like you always thinks and still have feelings and love over her first girl friend?

Because she was your first and it's always hard to forget her

Is it normal for shy guys to feel nervous around a girl that they like?

as a girl, I think that's cute. I like shy guys than overly confident guys...these guys tend to be jerks.

What to do guys like in a girl?

that there pretty

What do you do if you like a girl that you will never get?

If is not meant to be, forget her.

Do black girls like all white guys?

It depends on the girl, and no girl likes ALL guys.

Do guys like when girls make out with another girl?

Most guys do

Do guys like innocence in a girl?

some guys do, but others might go for the totally hot totally wild girls. different guys like different things in a girl.

Do guys like tattoos on a girl?

It depends on the guy. Some guys like it but some guys take it as a turn off.

What kind of boys does girls like?

It all has to do with how the girl is. Not all girl are going to like the same type of guy. Some girl like out going guys and others like smart guys, so you have to get to know the girl to find out what is her type.

Do guys actually like to finger a girl?

I do.

Do guys like to be naked?

With a girl, yes.

Do guys like it when a girl bites her lip?


Is ino gay on naruto or naruto shippuden?

Ino likes guys like any other girl. Literally speaking- gay girls technically like guys since gay guys like guys. So kind of yes. (Technically) She likes guys like any other girl.

Do guys like to chase girls or should the girl be the one chasing?

Guys should chase girls! If a guy chases a girl that means they like them!

What do guys think about when staring at the girl they like?

They are thinking about the girl they are staring at.

What will guys do if there are jealous for a girl?

They will fight or act like they hate that girl