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If you like ronaldiniho look at this and talk?

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i think he is good

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Did ronaldiniho retire?


How do you find Ronaldiniho email address?

You can contact Ronaldiniho through his official fan web site (see Related Links).

Did Ronaldiniho play for Manchester United?


Who is better ronaldinho or neymar?


Who is the best player for ac Milan?


What team does ronaldiniho play for now?

ac milan

What is the spelling of football player ronaldiniho?

You Did ItRight You Idiot

Who is a supper star in Brazil?

ronaldiniho with big teeth

What club does ronaldiniho play for?

He officially plays for AC Milan

How much does ronaldiniho get paid?

He gets 26.8million a year with milan

Does roaldhinio play for AC Milan?

NO ronaldiniho plays for Barcelona

Will Tatiana like you ever?

She will if you talk, flirt, or look at her. She needs to know you like her.

Does he like you if you see him look your way a lot when you talk to another guy?


How can you tell if the guy you like is gay?

what does he wear how does he look at lads and how does he talk

Why do all babies laugh with you when you talk with them baby talk?

they laugh because they think you look and sound like an idiot!

How many goals has ronaldiniho scored?

348 as a professioal to this day 15/7/08

What to do if you like a boy but he doesnt like you back?

Look around for boys that might like you. If they Already like you then it will be easy to talk to them

Do pineapples talk?

Don't be silly, pineapples do not have mouths. While they might look like they have hair, they are a fruit, and are unable to talk.

What does it mean when someone like to look at you and then talk to you later?

i think its just infatuation.

What was Ronaldiniho lifestyle before he played football?

very bad until abdirizak.k came along

What do you do if you are thirteen and you look fifteen and older boys always talk to you but they don't like you when they find out your age?

For one, why do you need to talk to them. Also, the reason you can't talk to them is that they're older than you and most guys tend to look for girls who look like Rihanna or Megan Fox in terms of hots. It's better to talk to guys or date guys(whichever you prefer) your own age ;)

What will a guy say to you if he likes you?

a guy will normally talk about some other girl to get your attention or talk about what you like or tell you how good you look

What does a boy do when he like you?

if you look closely when you talk to them their cheats or ears they will turn red or slightly pink and that is how you know they like you

How do men act when they like a girl a lot?

they dont look eye to eye and talk

What does dilligaf mean in text talk?

Dilligaf means "do I look like I give a f@?$"