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If you really like someone then just ask them out. Go to a movie, or, if of age, go for a drink. Keep the conversation light and just have a good time. This is how you get to know each other. There are so many subjects to talk about, but be careful and be sure you pick subjects the person can relate too or may have an interest in (e.g. movies, actors, musicians, etc.) or, if they are intellectual then talk about what is going on in the world. Upbeat is the key and a bit of laughter mixed in is how you get to know each other.

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Q: If you like someone and have known them for awhile but don't talk to them should you ask them if they want to be friends first and get to know them or come out and just say something?
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What should you do if you agreed to date someone who loved you for a long time since you wanted to give them a chance but after awhile you realize you won't like him as anything more than friends?

tell them that you would raver be friends

How long do you wait until you SHOULD make the first move?

Till after you are friends for awhile!

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You don't like ALL the other people? Maybe that has something to do with your friends not liking you.

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How do you make your friend come out for recess?

You cannot force someone to do something they do not want to do. They have their reasons why they do not want to go outside for recess. If you are a good friend then once in awhile you should stay inside to be with your friend.

What should you do if you nearly dated someone but their friends stopped you?

Either your friends are hiding something from you,they know something is wrong,they just want you to not let it not happen,or they can be a player. If you want to know why they stopped you well just ask them. Good Luck!

How you make someone stop liking you especially when he's your friend?

If they like you more than a friend but you just want to be friends speak with them be honest, polite and firm with them and make it clear that you only want to be friends. You should keep your distance from them for awhile as to let them deal with their feelings and be able to move on.

Should you tell your friends that you have a crush on someone?

If you trust that your friends will not tell anybody, then go for it!

Should your friends be angry with with you?

Did you do something that would cause them to be?

What should you do if you don't want to be friends with someone?

If I don't want to be friends with someone I simply avoid them if I can, or just politely ignore them if i can't avoid them.

What should you do if your friends keep calling you anorexic?

eat something

Should you believe your friends if they tell you your good at something?


What guys can do if you want to get girlfriend?

The guy should just hang out with the girl awhile. Then when you're doing something with her, just ask her right then in there.

Me and this kid have hung out and cuddled and hugged and i asked what we were and he said he didnt know and he asked just friends and i said idk then he said something flirty to you so idk wht we were?

well i have friends i cuddle with, but we are just friends,, they also have friends with benefits (that's when someone can do everything a dating couple can but not actually be dating the other person) but it is all up to you two to decide what you "officially are" its fine with whatever youchoose. but if you just friends and you do something over the top like sex,, you should be something more than friends. but its totally up to you =]

Should a certain someone unfriend friends with inactive accounts on Facebook?

A certain someone can unfriend friends who have inactive accounts on Facebook. It is a matter of personal choice.

If a girl only wants to be best friends should you give up?

you should do something huge and romantic that will really impress her and if she doesn't fall for you then you should just remain friends.

Can you find financial resources to keep a disabled cancer survivor who is without family or friends keep the house and pay the bills in order to survive?

Call your state department of social services and explain what is happening . They should be able to direct you to the correct person/form. May take awhile to get help but there should be something you can do.

How do you add friends on FBFkids?

Well if you find someone there should be a button that says send friend request or something, if you click that it will send that person a friend request. Or when someone sends you a friend request you click approve so that they are your friend.

If someone says something mean and your friends dont say anything what does that mean?

Maybe they aren't the kind of friends you want to be hanging around with. You really should surround yourself with people who care enough to stand up for you in a situation where you are a victim.

How do you stop missing your best friend who is married?

Lives and friendships do change when someone is married however, they should still be able to converse with you and possibly get together once and awhile. If this is not possible spend more time with your other friends although they cannot replace this other friend it is time to move on. Friends will unfortunately come and go throughout your life.

If you make up something for your friends and you break up with them and they use it without you do you think they should tell you or not?

Since you are no longer their friend, they can do whatever they want.

What should you do if the guy you like is your best friends enemy?

if you like someone she can live with it

Should you tell someone if you like them?

if the person likes u and u no it u should tell them u like them well theres someone who likes me and i like them and i waited awhile and they asked me out and now we are an awesome couple!! Yes you can tell me 😊

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Depends on the kid. Hanging out with friends, do hobbies, socialize online (important for those who don't have friends in school but online), read books, socialize with a parent one on one once in awhile.