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If you like the guy should you ask him out for the 2nd date?

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Sure, ask him what have you too loose.

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you ask her?...Or you ask her best friend if she likes you and is she allowed to date.

If your referring to asking them out simply ask them if they would like to go on a date with you - then you decide together where, when and what the date is.

your boyfriend.............never ask your boyfriend to a date seriously

You can if you want. If you do ask a boy out it may seem like your desperate.

yes you should and on urr 3rd date do him!

this should be the first question that you ask the woman, and her answer will tell you what you second question to her should be. ( can I take you out on a date? can we hang out?) Careful tho,if you haven't known her long enough to already know her preference, she may consider you to be to forward. I think you should ask her out on a date if you like her and maybe would like to be in a relationship with her some day but if you have no romantic interest in her and like her as a friend then just ask her to hang out.

Well, first of all wait like a week or 2 before they ask you out. And if they don't, you ask them "Wanna go grab something to eat?" and if they say "Is it a date?" you say "If want it to be."

in the back where no one will see you Once you are inside the cinema, ask your date where he/she would like to sit.

if you like him, but tell him to ask you out in person, and not to be such a sissy.

You should get to know her and see if you still like her and if you do, then you should ask her on a date before someone else does.

First, you should ask yourself if you like him, after if you like him you should start knowing him by doing something with him and after you could go on a date with him ;) Good Luck

Ask him out on a "light" date like a walk around the mall or a coffee at Starbucks.

you should try to hang out with him a lot then after your relationship gains ask him on a date

You have nothing to lose by asking. If you never ask, she will never date you, and if you do ask, she may or may not agree, so the chances of success are better if you ask. Possibly ask her if she would like to share a pizza with you.

a friend. u go as friends and come back as more. classic. FROM QUESTIONER: how should i ask her without making it sound like a date?

Well if they like you and if you like them you should just hang out and see how it goes from there. And when I say hang out I mean like on a date.

not necessarily! You should go on the first date and see what hes like, if you really like him you could ask him if you feel it is appropriate. If he does then good for you! :)

Of course!! If you like her than you should always give it a try! She might even secretly like you!!

as a girl, if she is flirting with you, and acts like she likes you, you should talk to her and ask her to do something. If she says no, dont loose hope, there are other fish in the sea

well, if you really like her, ask her questions about what she like to do. then maybe you can feel more comfortable asking her on a date, if you can take her to a place, or do something she likes to do. :)

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