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Be what the guy likes. If he likes bad girls, be one, if he likes tomboy's, be one, if he likes girlie girls, be one! Just keep on trying over and over again.

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โˆ™ 2010-04-24 18:18:29
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Q: If you like this guy and he dont like you how can you make him like you?
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How do you make this guy like you?

talk about stuff you like dont make him figure out that you like him

How do you make a guy like me?

i dont know sorry

What should you do when you like a guy and his friends dont want him to date you?

Dont let other people control you , make your own decisions. If you like a guy and you like him then you should follow your heart. Don't make other people make the decision for you .

How can you tell if a gilr is going out with a guy to make you jealous?

you can tell if they seem to look like they dont really like the guy

What do you do when you used to like a guy but you dont anymore and now he likes you?

make it obvious you dont like him so he doesnt ask you out

What should you do to make a guy I like my boyfriend?

See if he wants to be, but dont rush him

Ways to get a guy to like you?

just be youself,dont make a guy like you when there is already someone out there that loves you just the way you are,you just have to find him

What are the signs that a guy doesnt like you?

since i am a guy i know, we dont notice you are their we dont care what you are saying or we ignore and some times we make fun of you sorry.

How can you make the guy you like want you and please dont say well you cant make a guy like you?

All I can say is be yourself and if he doesn't like you for that then you move on because you don't want to act like someone your not just for a guy believe me i know.

Is it easy to get a guy hard?

Well depends on the guy! Mine if you sit on him and make out wit him he gets hard!!! But ya it depends on how the guy is. But if he does get hard then dont laugh at him or make fun cause if u do he will think you dont like him like that and that u think its all just a joke and that u really dont want him!!!! You dont want that!!! Well i hope this helps if not sry!!!!!

What if you told him you like him and he does not like you back?

make him like you but dont go too far ( im a guy so i know )

How do you seduce a boy and make him happy?

Just be yourself , you dont need to seduce a guy just to make him like you.

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