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You'd know, just like thinking about the other boy more

and if you think about both the same amount, then i guess you should tell like one of the boys that you have feelings for them

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What do you do if two boys like you at the same time?

if you like them both then get to know them and find out which one you like more

What should you do if you fancy two boys?

Pick the one who you like more or who likes you more. or you know you could do a coin toss.

What if 2 boys like you?

if two boys like you and you like them both back then get to know them both more. spend a thew days with one of them and a thew days with the other. that way you can find out who likes you more and who you like the most. hope i helped :)

What if you like two boys?

If you like 2 boys get to know both of them better and if you think one of them is kinder and nicer than the other then go with him.Only if you think hes nice and likes you back and will stand up for you! !''.....'

Who should you pick if you like two boys and one likes you but you do not know if the other one likes you?

let your heart do the picking, but if you dont know the other guy, you might want to spend some time to try to get to know him

What do you do if you like two boys at the same time?

Wait it our and see which one you like better.

How do you know if youre bi?

If you like both boys and girls you're bi-sexual. If you like one or the other and don't like the other of the two genders you're not bi-sexual.

Who sings two is better than one?

Boys like Girls

What do you do if there are two boys you like but you know one way better and the other one you have never talked to who should i pick?

How can you like someone you never talked to? I think you should talk to that person first, then decide who you like better.

What to do if two boys like you?

if they both like you and you like one of them than let the other one down easy stay friends.

What to do if you like two boys and you dont know who is better for you?

You need to get to know them and figure out who's personality is more like yours and who is going to treat you with respect and who isn't You need to get to know them!

What do you do if two boys like you?

decide which one you like and tell the other one nicely that its not going to work out between the two of you because you like someone else. you do both of them you pick the one you like the best and ask him out!!!!!

I like two boys what should i do?

Choose the one that has kissed you.chose the one that makes you feel good

How do you ask a girl on a date if you go to a boys school?

well you can ask a girl that you used to know like one or two years ago and you know what school they go to maybe you could ask that person

When two boys fight over you?

You go out with both of them and the one YOU like more, you take. But, don't tell both boys that you are dating both of them! You should tell them wich one you like most and go out with him.

What if you like two boys and they are both friends and they like you at the same time?

Well don't try and sort it out for them, just let them work it out themselves which one will get you because you never know, one of them could just suddenly turn uninterested and there u have your answer!

Who is the girl singing in Two Is Better Than One by Boys Like Girls?

Taylor Swift

What is the message by two is better than one by boys like girls?

either or survivor can help!!

Does Taylor Swift sing Two is better than one?

yes with boys like girls

What should you do if you're going out with 2 boys a the same time and one of them is like your best friend but you don't like him and you like the other one?

Number one you shouldn't be going out with two boys. Be with the person who makes you smile and laugh .. who makes you feel alive.

What are the release dates for Boys Like Girls and Taylor Swift's 'Two Is Better Than One' - 2009?

Boys Like Girls and Taylor Swift's 'Two Is Better Than One' - 2009 was released on: USA: 11 December 2009

How do choose between two boys you like without kissing?

you should go with the one you really like hope this helps

What are good relationship songs?

I like Two is Better then One by Boys Like Girls. && also Breathe by Lee Carr.

Can two boys have a baby?

No. The only way two boys could have a baby is if one of the two boys used to be a girl, and they kept the girl organs.

If you like two boys what should you do?

I think that if you like two boys, You should totally see who you have more in common with or somthing like that.. who is nicer and would treat you right.. or maybe the one that you can completly picture getting married with:) Just go with what your heart is telling you!