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You can call him or wait either one will work. Do you know if he's moved on to another relationship, if so move on yourself. If you hardly ever see him, maybe there is a reason for that. He may have someone new or not be interested anymore.

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How can you get your ex boyfriend again?

you should show him that you still love him

What do you do if you meet again your ex boyfriend and making friend with you again?

you should give it a chance...if he comes onto you end it!

What to say to a sister-in-law who broke up with her boyfriend?

she should never do that again

Should you dump your boyfriend if your never going to see him again but still like him?

yeah you so should babes

What should you do about your boyfriend breaking up with you?

you should just start talking again as friends and before your having sex.

How can you get your boyfriend to feel something in a kiss?

practising again & again . u should must know that practise make a man perfect

Should you be worried if your boyfriend and his ex are still very close?

Yes you should, as the old flame could rekindle again.

I cheated on my boyfriend should I stay with him because he wants to make things better or move on so I don't hurt him again Now I'm at the point where I would never do that again should I go?

Your question suggests that you aren't particularly interested in your boyfriend anymore.

Should you be mad at your boyfriend?

Depending on what he's done, yes you should. If you're upset about something that your boyfriend has done it's always good to let him know so then he hopefully won't do it again.

If your boyfriend breaks up with you for being clingy how long should you wait to talk to him again or should you wait for him to talk to you?

you should wait for him to talk to you :) <3

What should you do if your schizophrenic boyfriend is doing cocaine and said he won't do it again if it hurts you yet he did it again?

Try and get him help, and if he doesnt take it... walk away

Should you break up with youre boyfriend if he breaks a promise?

i think first you should talk to him about it and let him know how you fell. then if he does it again, it is over

Your boyfriend has mentioned several times that you should ask him to marry you is that something you should do?

Generally it is the boyfriend that asks the girlfriend to marry him, but it is not uncommon for independent women to ask her boyfriend to marry her. However, in your case your boyfriend may be teasing you and if he is not then he is controlling and you should break up with him. When he tells you again to ask him to marry you tell him not to hold his breath because that's his job!

Where can you purchase snowboarding equipment?

One can buy snowboarding equipment in several sporting goods store such as Dick's, Sports Authority, or Play It Again. Many snowboard companies sell products online.

What do you do so that your boyfriend could trust you again after you lied to him?

get a new boyfriend...

What should you do when your ex wants you back but your boyfriend is great to you?

First, think of this in this way; your ex is not your current boyfriend for a reason, something happened, and that something may happen again and if it does you will have none.

Ive never given a guy head but my boyfriend thinks you have and he thinks im good at it ive watched alot of porn to see how to do it but what should i do?

Just do it to him again and again

My boyfriend peed all over me and the made a weird face and then did it again what should i do because im really mad?

Tell him he needs to respect you more. You shouldn't degrade yourself like that. If your boyfriend truly cares about you, he will understand why your mad and never do it again !

Why to destroy the earth with water again?

It has not been destroyed by water before so it can hardly be destroyed by water 'again'.

Who is Pink's boyfriend?

Pink married her on again off again boyfriend Carey Hart in Costa Rica on January 7, 2006.

Should you tell your friend that you slept with her boyfriend?

If you really are a friend, you don't and you don't sleep with the boyfriend again. Sleeping with him sure didn't make you one of her friends. That is considered a betrayal of friendship.

When I kissed my ex boyfriend i started to get these pimples around my mouth and now i have a new boyfriend and when we kissed i started to get them again...are they oral herpes?

Sounds like it. You should check with a doctor.

Can citric acid make an old battery work again?

Yes but hardly

Is it good to argue with your boyfriend twice in one week?

no and you should avoid having an argument again, if you really like him then go apologize!

Should you cut off communication with your ex boyfriend if you want him back?

no because you should just stay friends until u both get really close again

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