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In which country is Spain?

Spain is a country. One country cannot belong to another country, or be "in" another country.

Does Spain belong to another country?

The answer is No. One country cannot belong to another.

How does a hurricane affect a poor country?

people cannot feed their family

What country is Denmark located in?

Denmark is a country, so it cannot be located within another country.

Can a US citizen get another citizenship?

A US citizen cannot also be a citizen of another country.

How many hours by ship from London to Switzerland?

Switzerland is a land-locked country so you cannot sail there.

If you were born in America and your parents were born in another country can they send you back to their country if you do not want to go?

If you were born in America, you are an American citizen and therefore cannot be sent to another country.

How does colonization continue to affect the Caribbean today?

Colonization continues to affect the Caribbean today in various ways. The country does not experience its sovereignty and cannot make independent decision which affects the development of the country.

If your divorce is not final in America but got married in another country?

You cannot legally marry if your divorce is not final, even if you go to another country it is still bigamy.

Can you ignore an assault charge in another state?

No you cannot. Even if it is a major offense in another country, they can yet also track that.

Why are ravens important to the tower of London?

There is a legend that states that if the ravens ever leave the Tower of London, the country will fall to an enemy. To prevent the ravens from leaving, their flight feathers are clipped so that they cannot fly.

Is it permit to bring garlic chives from Mexico to US by the border?

unless authorized by the country you cannot bring food from one country to another.

How many hours in a car from Germany to London?

Cannot drive from Germany to London.

What are other countries in Spain?

One country cannot exist inside another. There are no other countries in Spain.

Which country was formerly the capital of the United States?

One country cannot be the capital of another country. A capital is a city. Philadelphia and New York are former capitals of the United States.

What is the answer if you unscramble these letters to get a country SHAKGVTT?

Those letters cannot anagram into a country name, nor can they be changed by one letter to form another word.

How can international specialization affect some workers?

With many goods and countries, it means a country has some goods that it does not (and cannot competitively) produce.

Is Spain owned by Britain?

Spain and the United Kingdom are both countries. One country cannot own another.

Is Belfast the capital of northern Ireland?

no, northern Ireland is not a country so therefore it cannot have a capital. the capital of united kingdom is London and capital of Ireland is dublin.

Will my marriage be considered legal in US even if I am still married in another country?

If you are married under the laws of another country, you are considered married throughout the world. If you have one wife, you cannot legally marry another. It is bigamy and is against the law in the United States.

Is it London experiencing earthquake?

It depends which London you are talking about. London, England, is not experiencing any earthquakes, as England cannot actually have earthquakes.

What was the average savings account interest rate from 1989 - 2015?

The answer will vary from one country to another. You have not specified which country (or region) and so the question cannot be answered.

What was the eleventh amendment about?

The Eleventh Amendment says that a state cannot be sued by someone in another state or country in federal court.

How can you get a date with Lauren London?

You cannot. She is dating somebody.

Where do koala bears live other than Australia?

Koalas are native to Australia and that is the country that they live in. They are not native to any other country in the world so you cannot find wild koalas in another country.

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