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If you live with someone for six months can she get you out of her house if you have spent money on her house?


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November 01, 2007 6:48PM

Well, unless you wrote up any papers stating that you would have some sort of stake in the home, after putting money into it, Im afraid she can kick you out of the house, you were basically doing out of your own free will. Now you can take her to court to regain your money back,if you can show that she deliberately deceived you into spending money to improve her home and that you had the notion from her that you would be together for a while. Get your paperwork, receipts and other material you need to prove a case, including, statements or other people that can attest that what you are saying is true. Other then that your out the cash and next time, pay for food and some of the rent and utilities just as you would in any other housing situation.