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I lost my phone password

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What is a temporary password on a metro PCs phone?


How can i reset my ht cell phone password i forgot it?

Go to telus if you forget your phone password they do it for free.

What is the temporary password on a Metro PCS phone?

the temporary default password is 9999Metro PCS is a company that provides no contract cell phones.

How do you get into a phone if you forgot your Gmail?

You can reset the phone if it is an android. Moreover there is an option of forget password. It can reset your password if you want to.

What happens if you forget for ps3 password?

phone someone

Can you get a new password or change your voicemail password for a Metro PCS Cell Phone?

yes, go to a corparate Metro store with your I.D. and they will reset you voicemail for free.

How do you unlock your metro pcs phone you forgot your pattern and your email?

This simples solution would be to attempt to recover your email address password, otherwise a hard reset would be required to gain access to the phone.

What do you do if you forget the password on your phone?

Try restting it or call company

How do you unlock your cricket phone if you forget the password?

Its the last 4 digits of your phone number

How do you find your temporary voice mail password for a metro pcs phone?

it is 9999

How do you unlock password for Samsung GT-C3330?

i have forget my samsung phone password for gt-c3330 how to unlock?

How do you get the password of lost phone application if i forget the password?

You would need to contact the creators or customer services of the app concerned

How do you unlock your phone if you forget your password?

Either you have to mail it to the manufacturer to do so, but they might not be able to.

How do you unlock a metro lg phone i forgot the password?

Dont know thats why im askn u !

What do you do if you forget your voice mail password on the samsung flight 2?

Dial 611 from phone. Go through options to reset password.

How you know phone password of samsung wave 525?

The way to know the phone password on a Samsung Wave 525 is to write it down or memorize it. Making the password something easy to remember is the best way not to forget it.

What to do if you forget your phone lock password on a Samsung GT-S5230?

If you forget your password mail it back to the place or, take it to best buy and they will either fix it up or give you a new one :-)

How do you unlock an lg metro pcs phone?

The LG Metro PCS phone can be reset to factory settings in the case of a lost password. This is done by turning it off, and then holding down the power, volume down and home buttons.

How do you unlock memory card in nokia 7210 supernova phone if password is lost?

i can not forget my memory card password how to i remove the password in my mobile supernova 7210 model

How do you disable the password on your Samsung u600 phone if you forget it?

my 3 year old child some how put a lock on my samsung U600 and i now do not no the password

If i suspect that my android phone has been hacked can i just change my password?

If your android has been hacked than you can not just change your password. The hacker has access to your phone and all of your passwords.

What do you do when you forget the PS network password?

Go on there website and try to find the phone number and contact them and see what they can do.

How much does it cost to turn a metro phone on with Metro PCS?

It costs $50.00 to turn a metro phone on with metro pcs.

You SWITCHED your metro phone to a new metro phone how do you get your contacts?

go to the metro place.then give them your phone in they would swit it over for you

How can I access the phone of my wife to see her messages and calls?

You might access that area of her phone if she gives you the password. This may be an area of her life that she neither wants to share nor has to share with you.

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