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If you have the key number code and can prove that the car is yours then yes. It is always better to try to go to the selling dealer.

Some car companies will give you a REAL hard time if you do not have the key code.

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Q: If you lost the only key to your car will the dealer get another if you give them the year make and model?
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How do replace a lost key?

you can go to the dealer and give them the VIN # and they will order you a precut key from the manufacture.

How do you do when lost a key for Ford Falcon 1996 Gli model?

Take your VIN number to the dealer and they will give you the key code for the car (have to prove ownership) then they will order a blank key, which you take to a specialist locksmith, give them the code and they will cut the key.

How do you get another BMW owners manual when the original has been lost?

Contact the nearest dealerships parts department and give them the year model and make then order one up.

What happens when you lost your learner's permit?

Physically lost the permit, then just go to your local DMV and get another one. Lost it die to breaking the law, go to your local DMV, where they will give you an answer. They will probably give you another one.

Can a dealer you are purchasing from sell to you if you have lost your title?

Answer: I take it you are talking about a trade in. You or the dealer will have to apply for a lost title.. simple.

How can you get a new key for a 2004 Cavalier if the key was lost and you have no duplicate?

Go to the dealer, give them the VIN number and they will make you one.

How do you replace a lost key?

Do you have a spare key? Most dealers give you one when you buy the car. If not go to your dealer and ask him.

How can you unblock a 1996 Megna radio if you lost the password for it?

Remove it, get the model and serial numbers off of it, and contact the car manufacturer/dealer for the code. Dr. DB

How do you get new keys for a 1991 Pontiac Grand Am if you have lost them?

Contact Your Dealer, They Can Provide You With The Information They Will Need To Get A Duplicate For You. The Age Of Your Car May Put You With A Locksmith. But Give The Dealer A Call First. Hope This Helps

How do you replace lost car keys?

Locksmith, or dealer.

Lost keys for 98 Jeep Wrangler?

Call a jeep dealer an give them the vin number they should be able to make u a new set

Where can you get another ignition key for Monte Carlo 1995 if you lost the only set?

Go to Chevy dealer with proof of ownership and VIN. They can cut you a fresh key.

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