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Go or call to the court or the police department that issued the citation. Don't wait for a bench warrant, since that will cause you a LOT of problems later. Do research on how to fix your traffic ticket. There are free resources out there. I recently read a post on trickedmytruck site that was very informative. And the only way to get a copy of your lost ticket is to go to the county clerk of courts, most places want to see an ID.

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Q: If you lost your speeding ticket and the bill how would you fix it?
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You received a speeding ticket in Virginia and You lost the ticket and were deployed to Iraq How do you pay your ticket?

well.... you shouldn't have been speeding in the first place bud.

You lost your speeding ticket and you forgot where you got it?

They will have the information at the courthouse, or place where you go to pay your ticket.

Who do you contact if you lost a speeding ticket from Florida?

Florida state police

If you lost your ticket how can you find out what county is in?

how don't you know what country you were speeding in?

How do you obtain a copy of a lost speeding ticket that has been paid but needed for employment reasons?

Call the dept. who gave you the speeding ticket. They will be able to give you a copy.

How do you pay for a lost Ontario speeding ticket?

You will need to contact the office of the court clerk in Ontario to pay for a lost ticket. They will have the information or direct you to the proper division.

Lost your speeding ticket how do you find a copy?

You are going to have to call the court. They are the only ones with a record.

Lost your speeding ticket from Wyoming who do you contact?

The Wyoming police might be a good place to start.

Lost speeding ticket?

If you lost your speeding ticket, it is still very important that you take care of the fine. Contact your local police department or your local courthouse, whichever is more applicable in your town or city. One of them will know what to tell you to do next. The record still exists, and you can still access it.

Who do you call in California about a lost speeding ticket?

Any police department. Give them your drivers license number and they will tell you what to do.

If you lost both your speeding ticket and the bill they send you and it is now past your due date what can you do?

There is a warrant for arrest given- You had better go and face them, or matters are only going to get worse- when you least expect them. Remember, they can come looking for you.

What can you expect from a judge for a speeding ticket for going 96 in a 65 in Virginia?

Heavy fine and lost driving license up to 6 months.

What do I do if I lost speeding ticket and its possible that it could have been issued by 1 of four different law enforcement agencies?

Call over to each of the 4 agencies and give them your name. Tell them you lost the ticket and want to pay it. They'll check your name against their ticket database and see if you are in their system.

Icet 2008 hall-ticket is lost?

i lost my hall ticket

Is it a right sentence he lost his luggage as well as his ticket?

The right sentence is "He lost his luggage, as well as his ticket". You can also write the sentence without the comma, as in "He lost his luggage as well as his ticket".

You got a speeding ticket for going 100 on a 65. The ticket is going to cost 574 dollars. Should you get an attorney and fight it or just plead guilty and pay it?

Well If you did the deed you should pay the fine. It doesn't make much sense to try and fight it in court if you are in fact guilty. Would the plan be to commit felony perjury and swear in court that you didn't when in fact you did? Felony perjury carries a much stiffer penalty than a Speeding ticket.If the officer lied about you speeding then of course you should fight it.AnswerIf it is only a 574 dollar ticket, plead guilty and pay. Don't risk court. I had a ticket with mandatory court appearance and fought it. It was a 110 in 55. Cost me 1539 after court fees and lost my license for 6 months. Just pay the fine and look out for cops in the future. Good Luck

How to download icet hall-ticket?


You received a speeding ticket in West Virginia. You lost the ticket and were deployed to Iraq. How do you pay your ticket?

You contact the courthouse and give them your information and they will tell you what to do, you will need someone here to do the leg work, but anyone can pay a ticket for anyone as long as they have the right information. If you cannot contact the courthouse you may need to fill out a Power of Attorney form and have your parents become your P.O.A. and then they can do everything for you.

How can you pay a lost parking ticket?

Contact the city in which the ticket was issued and ask them.

What is the difference between i remember getting the ticket and i remember to get the ticket?

"I remember getting the ticket" is describing something that happened in the past. For example, Sue could have lost her train ticket and she would say to her friend, "I remember getting the ticket." If she were to say, "I remember to get the ticket" it is not proper English and doesn't make sense

What should you do if you won the lottery but lost your ticket?

I would cry! Especially if it was a lot of money.

I am from South Carolina visiting my folks and got a ticket for a yellow light and i wasn't speeding. How is this possible I thought yellow was caution Should I fight this I would appreciate some help on this one if you would please and thank you.?

A yellow light does mean "caution". Look carefully at your ticket and what the exact violation is. If you think it is worth your time and money (because it will cost you money to go to court..your lost wages, travel costs, etc) to fight it, then fight it.

How do you write a request letter for lost hall ticket of college?

If a person loses their hall ticket for college, they need to have it replaced. They can write a letter to the college explaining that it was lost and the date that it was lost.

Where to get my parking ticket number for lost ticket in Wandsworth London?

Apply to Wandsworth council.

Can you ride a bike if you have lost your licence due to speeding?

Yeah you should be able to,