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You can't make someone love you. None of us can win over everyone and some people won't love us or even like us and that's quite normal. With practice you'll learn how to deal with this sort of thing. You have to be honest with yourself and realize that she doesn't care for you in the same way you care for her and you're not always going to get what you want in your life. As painful as it is, move on and don't pidgeon hole yourself and get dating again before you really miss out on some special girl. Good luck Marcy

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โˆ™ 2006-04-06 18:52:07
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Q: If you love a girl but she dislikes you how can you get her to love you or how can you forget her?
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How do you forget a girl you love?

You just can`t forget her man, i have been in love with a girl that doesn`t like me back for almost a year.

What can you do to forget about a girl you love so much?

Find a new girl

How do you forget someone you still love?

well in my opinion you cant forget about someone you truly love you can only try to move on and that new girl/guy can help you get over your old girl/guy

How do you forget about someone you love?

You talk to your best girl/guy friend more and more. If that doesn't work, then too bad, you're hooked on the person you want to forget about. Or you cant forget him/her. Why would you even want to forget about somebody you love.

What should you do if the girl you love has started seeing another guy?

Forget her and move on.

What if you can't forget about a girl because you love her what should you do?

Talk to her and tell her how you feel.

What do you do when you love a friend that's a girl and you know they don't feel the same way?

If she doesn't love you back, FORGET HER

How do you forget a girl that you love to much to get on with your life?

You can just try and forget her or you can hold on to her memories and never let them go but still move on.

What you can do if you love a girl does not know you?

Speak out and let her get to know the real you, if she doesn't like it, forget her.

I did e with a girl and now I am falling in love what should i do if mutual but u r inexperienced?

You should forget this girl. She is out of your league.

Who sings you got me driving down town with the girl i love?

Cee Lo Green. - Forget You.

How do you make friendship with a girl who hates you because you love her?

before you say how she hates you because you love her. Why dont you take a step back and ask her why she hates you, and then try to improve the aspects of you that she dislikes?

How do you learn what a girl likes and dislikes?

Just ask her

You are in love with a girl in 4th grade who hates you and she has a boyfriend?

my young friend this is not love but a crush. if she dislikes you then the fact that she has a boyfriend doesn't matter. I would let her go; maybe she will change her mind in the future

How do you make a girl love you if she doesn't?

Get to know her... study her body language, Talk to her close friends and see what she likes and dislikes and what kind of man she would want... then by the time you know it she would love you.

How to forget a love?

Never Forget.

How do you forget someone that we love much?

Hopefully you do not forget someone you love.

How do you forget a guy that you love and he still have feeling for you but he has another girl?

Alcohol, sex, and a good nights sleep.

What to do when your parents dont want you to be with be the girl you love bcause shes older then you?

Remember to follow up to your parents expectations as much as you can but don't don't forget your goals, which may be to stay with the girl you love.

Is it possible to forget your first love?

Very possible. You can forget your first love as you forget any other person.

What do you do if you love a girl but she doesn't care about me atall?

i would forget about it this is coming from a girl if she doesnt want anything to do with you just find some one else.

Should a girl love a boy after he put her down and leavs her for another girl and comes back to her?

No. He is a player and will do it again. Forget him and find someone who respects and appreciates you.

Forget I love to love you?

hala woi! nice keu noh? tsk tsk I love this! i will never forget this!

Will a girl forget her first boyfriend?

i dnt think she will 4get her 1st boyfriend becoz im still in love with my boyfriend is already 2years....every girl cant 4get the first love the memories the pain....

How d0 you forget a girl whom you love ve?

Don't, dead or alive. Don't forget about anyone you love even if they smash your heart to peices. Instead find someone who can make you laugh, even if you hate them for it. You need to learn to smile if you want to find new love.