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Well, it shouldn't be a problem as long as your best friends, yes it may feel awkward, but here, this should help. Make sure you absolutely want to tell her. I told my best friend I was in love with him, and it ruined our friendship. So think it over carefully. Just call her over, to watch a movie or something, keep it light and friendly, if you act to serious, she'll suspect something, and be nervous. When she gets over, act normal, and joke around with her. Try out a friendly "I love you" to test the waters. If she acts normal to the comment, say something along the lines of "Soandso, I really love you" That will be the hardest part, and after that, you'll have to play it by ear with where the conversation goes. Good luck xD


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Tell them you love them. It's as easy as that. If you're their bets friend, they'll understand.

You tell him that your best friend likes him too,and tell yo best friend to ignore him he'll eventually love you

you kiss the boy and tell him you love him

tell your best friend but tell her not to tell her bro.

Tell him that you like him or tell your best friend that you love him. i cant. cause they will just go there going out with my mate. i love him so much. you dont understand

Then you choose the one that you truly love. If ou love the best friend then tell the boyfriend. Don't cheat. If you still like the boyfriend then tell the best friend in a nice way that you are not interested.

Give him hint and if he doesn't get it just tell him

if you're trying to tell him you love him as more than a friend, your best bet is NOT to do so over facebook. Do it in person.

Your crazy...and he's your BEST friend! Hell no.

Don't tell her she is not your friend anymore that will just be easier for her to hit on him tell her he is not interested

If you love this best friend and he/she hates you, then you sould never give up on love, never stop loving him/her. You have to tell that friend that you love him/her. But is they don't love you back then maybe move on with your life, be independent.

Of course but be careful. Don't lose a best friend because you love them

You should tell her, they should be ok with it because they are not in love with their cousin and plus if she is really your best friend it will be cool with her.

I've had to do it and it;s not easy . be straight up & tell him (: and if your best friend is really your best friend she will understand your feelings for him and trust you.

talk to your best friend and tell them how you feel. if they are truly your friend then they shouldn't care

I told my guy friend that he was hot:-) he said oh.

If you are also gay, then tell your friend. If you are the opposite gender, then move on.

When he tells your best friend, that he have's a crush on you.

tell your best friend and make them all jealous and then love yourself to pieces!

Tell him. Communication and sencerity always work.

When you feel that the time is right, you should tell him that you love him.

You're probably not in love with them, you just think you are. the best thing to do is to not tell them, because later on you will regret it. Promise.

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