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If you really love him you shouldn't back off, and if you feel you need to back off than clearly you don't love him as much as you thought.

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Q: If you love your boyfriend but he's leaving for college should you try to not like him as much or back off so you won't be as hurt when he leaves?
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What would be your reaction when the girl of our dreams leaves your school or college?

Well it depends really, if the girl is leaving at the same time as you then you should tell her you like her before she really leaves. If she is leaving before you leave then I suggest on the last day that she is there, tell her how you feel. I only said the last day because I have social anxiety. Tell her how you feel any time that you can. That's all I can tell you.

What does it mean when your boyfriend leaves you in his room?

There are many possible reasons for a guy to leave you in his room, and you should ask him

If a boyfriend is about to go to college should you just be friends or keep the relationship so you wont be hurting in the end?


Girl moves out leaves her ex boyfriend stuff there?

men should be the ones who leave because they should have that much love for they spouse that they want the woman to have the shelter

What parts of the mullein plant are used for medicinal purposes?

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What should you do if your boyfriend leave you?

If your BF leaves you just let him go, dont fuss about it cause you can easily find another guy

Should you come out to your parents before leaving them and going to college?

It depends .. If your parents could handle it .. You should tell them ! They should be cool with it . If they're not .. Then that's some other story

I have this boyfriend but i like someone else more than him what should i do?

you should see how your relationship with your boyfriend is going, and see if the other guy is worth leaving your current boyfriend for him. and if you do decide to leave him do it on good terms. and then wait atleast 3 weeks to a month to move on , you dont wanna make the guy feel like a rebound.

What should you do if you and your boyfriend are very much in love and have an excellent relationship but you are both leaving for college and don't want to lose each other?

I say you should both go your separate ways because college is a big deal. You're going to meet new people and you don't want to meet someone and end up breaking someone's heart over some college fling. If it's true love it will come back, but there will be a lot of girls at college and a lot of temptations. I say break it off and if it's meant to be, you will reunite after college.

What do you do if your boyfriend flirts with other girls?

You should confront your boyfriend and tell him how it makes you feel and try and work things out if you love him. If you don't love him you are better off just leaving himand finding someone that will stay faithful.

What do you do when your boyfriend goes to college?

You are steady dating and when your boyfriend goes to college you both should be loyal to each other which means not dating anyone else and if either of you do not feel you can commit to waiting for the other you should be honest with each other. If you decide to stick it out and depending on how far his college is you can keep in touch by phone; texting and perhaps even go visit him or, if he has holidays he can come visit you.

What do you give your boyfriend for his birthday?

what should i get my boyfriend for his 22nd birthday what should i get my boyfriend for his 22nd birthday

What should you do if your boyfriend is gay?

Well if you are a girl you should let your boyfriend find a boyfriend to be happy with.

What should you do if my boyfriend wants a baby?

You say this : "If you like it then you shoulda puta ring on it..." Until you have committment, i.e.-MARRIAGE...don't bring kids into the situation. One, it leaves him with the ever present option of leaving you, which leaves you with a child and no support. That's not very reassuring. If he wants to start a family with you...then he needs to start WITH YOU by MARRYING you. Plus, I really...really...REALLY...hope you're not a teenager asking this question...if you have so much ahead of you...graduating high school, going to college...LIVING YOUR don't want to throw a child in the mix. Trust me. Best of luck!

What should you do if you are still in love with your ex-boyfriend?

you should move on

When should you get your first boyfriend?

you should get your first boyfriend when you and your parents are ready

Should you tell your best friend you have loved him for a few years even though you are leaving soon for college?

ya i think you should. you can still have a relationship...and maybe its true love

What should I do if my boyfriend smokes weed and I don't?

Don't be forced or coerced into smoking it with him, if he is trying to get you to smoke it, drop him. If his habit really bothers you ask him to quit or consider leaving him.

Should you ask your boyfriend out on your first date or should he ask you?

your boyfriend.............never ask your boyfriend to a date seriously

Should I snog my boyfriend?

You should snog your boyfriend if you are a little deep in your relationship.

Should you hang out with your friends or your boyfriend?

you should hang out with.......... boyfriend............. don't no y

What should you get your boyfriend who is turning 20 for his birthday if you have been together for six months and are both college student?

buy him a T.shirt written on it "he is mine".

What if your friend kissed your boyfriend he didn't know she was going to what should you do?

If your friend kissed your boyfriend then you should connfront her. Ask her why she would do that when she knows he's your boyfriend. Then you should ask your boyfriend if he made the first move not her.

A hot girl at my school said the she loves me and she has a boyfriend what should you do?

think about it this way if you were the boyfriend and you thought you had something good with her and she leaves you for some next dude you will feel like crap and also if she could leave her boyfriend for you she can leave you for someone advise is to stay away from that grl cause she will get you in trouble.

My boyfriend and i have the same birthday he didn't get me a present what should i do?

You should find a better boyfriend.