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That isn't the issue. While any marriage will be "recognized", that doesn't mean that someone who broke our laws to get into the country will be able to remain here. The two issues are separate. A U.S. citizen can marry an illegal alien and the marriage if done accordingly to the laws of the state in which it occurs will be legal. However, marrying a citizen does not confer permanent residence status or citizenship nor does it guarantee the person will not face deportation action. The United States Citizenship and Immigrantion Services website provides more specific information.

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Q: If you marry an illegal alien is the marriage legally recognized in the US?
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Is marriage legal between both illegal alien?

Marriage is recognized by the US , but they must report it when they get home. It does not affect their alien status.

Is a marriage to an illegal alien valid if they only reason for the marriage by the illegal alien was to become a citizen?

it is illegal

Does the UK recognize double proxy marriage as a legal marriage?

Proxy weddings are not recognized as legally binding in most jurisdictions. “proxy marriage” is rather alien in the UK

Can an illegal alien get a work visa?

No, not legally.

Can you get married to a US citizen if you are an illegal alien?

Your best option would be to leave the country, apply for a marriage visa, re-enter legally on the marriage visa and then get married.

Is the marriage between an illegal alien and a US citizen legal?

Yes, it is a legal marriage, however, it does not mean the illegal alien won't be deported back to their country.

Can illegal alien become a child's guardian?

An illegal alien cannot become a child's guardian. A guardian is someone who is legally allowed to look after a child and lives in a particular country legally.

Can you legally marry someone who is an illegal alien?

i dont think so

What states allow marriage to an illegal alien without deporting them?

The United States deport illegal aliens. You could not reveal that he/she is an illegal alien and use a different identity

If you married a illegal alien and she lost her citizenship are you legally divorced?

no, you must file for divorce to be legally divorsed

Can an illegal alien from Mexico who entered the US illegally is paying child support for his illegal alien children and is married to a US citizen but has no children with his wife be deported?

Yes. He should have had his wife start the procedures to sponsor his citizenship when they got married. If she knew he was illegal, she, too, could face criminal charges for housing an illegal alien. Since no illegal can enter into a legally binding contract, the marriage may not be legal either.

If a illegal alien marries a us citizen is it a legal marriage in the US?


Could someone sponsor an illegal alien without marriage?

if they had sex with it

Are illegal aliens welcome?

No, to be welcome an alien must enter a country legally.

Can a gay man marry an illegal alien?

Yes. There is no citizenship requirement or screening for marriage in the United States. If you are a gay man, you can marry a male illegal alien in any state where same-sex marriage is legal.

Can a legal permanent resident marry an illegal alien?

Generally, there is no citizenship requirement for marriage in the United States. The illegal alien must present identification that is satisfactory to the clerk issuing the marriage license, but that can be a foreign passport.

If you married one illegal alien and he left right after the marriage and you do not know where he is and you have married another illegal alien is this marriage legal?

No. Your second marriage is not legal. In fact, in the United States a married person who knowingly marries again while still married to their first spouse commits bigamy. You need to obtain a legal divorce to dissolve your first marriage.

Can an illegal alien become a governor?

An illegal alien cannot legally be, or reside, in the United States; much less hold political office.

Can you marry an illegal person if you are pregnant and underage if you have your parents permission?

Most states have an age of consent for sex, and an age of consent for marriage (which may be the same of different). If you are above the age of consent for marriage then you can marry him. If not even with your parent's permission it will likely not be recognized as a legal marriage by the USA. Be warned, marrying an illegal alien is not a guarantee they won't be deported.

Your friend is an illegal alien and married under a fake name is that marriage legal?


Can you marry an illegal alien who came here legally?

First of all If they are legal they can't be illegal. Second, you can marry anyone you choose to.

What type of visa does an illegal alien have to have in order to legally work in the US if they are married to an alien with a green card?

A Big Hairy Vagina Visa!

Can an illegal alien apply for a US patent?

No, an illegal alien cannot apply for a patent. If you are not legally in the US then why should you have the rights given by the Constitution? -I got a patent as an Illegal alien. I also served subpoenas. There is no law against this. I am now a US citizen. God bless USA !

How old do you have to be to get married to an illegal alien?

The age at which someone can marry an illegal alien is based on the law of the state. Anyone can legally marry if they of legal age. Most states put the age at about 18.

How does an illegal alien became legal without being file legally by his legal alien wife?

Contact USCIS for instructions as to how to proceed in your particular case.