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A person will not automatically become a US citizen as soon as soon as an illegal alien marries a citizen. The illegal alien will have to file for a VISA with the INS.

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Q: If you marry an illegal alien will they become a US citizen?
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Related questions

If an illegal alien marry a US citizen just to try to become a citizen how long do they have to stay marry?

they have to aleast have been maried to a us citizen for 3 or more years in order to become a us citizen!

Can you marry an illegal alien in America?

Yes, an American citizen can marry an illegal alien in America. The illegal alien can file for a Visa after marrying an American at the INS office.

How long after marrying a citizen and becoming a citizen can that person remarry an illegal alien?

It is wrong for a citizen to knowingly marry an illegal alien. Get advice from an Immigration lawyer.

Can American inmate marry a non US citizen?

Yes! A USA. citizen can marry an undocumented citizen or illegal alien.

If you marry an illegal Mexican in Mexico how can he become a permanent US citizen?

If I Marry An Illegal From Mexico Can He Become A Citizen

Can a US citizen marry and illegal alien whose visa has expired in SF?

Yes, a US citizen can marry an illegal alien whose Visa has expired in San Francisco. The illegal will still have to renew their Visa to stay in the US.

What happens to you if you marry an illegal immigrate?

If you marry an illegal immigrate, he or she will automatically become a citizen of the nation you reside in. This, of course, depends on if you are a birth or naturalized citizen of your respective country. If you are only a resident alien, both of you will have to apply for citizenship status in the country.

In what states can a us citizen marry an illgal alien so he can get the green card?

Please answer in what states can a us citizen marry an illegal alien to get the green card

You are a us citizen and want to marry an illegal alien what do you do?

get the illegal to sign up for citizenship

Uscis form for US citizen that is married to an illegal alien?

marry an alien...............u die!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can you marry an illegal alien from Russia in New Jersey?

Yes, a US citizen can marry the illegal alien in any state but must file for spouses residency as soon as they are married.

If you marry an alien resident does she become a citizen?


How long an us citizen has to be marry to an illegal alien to get the green card?

About 7

What is te requirements to citizen married illegal alien?

You can marry anyone you want, but to marry an illegal, would be illegal. About the best thing you could do if you really want to marry for love, is to have the illegal go back to his/her country and then you can have him/her come here legally, and then get married, and then go through the expensive channels, to become a legal perm resident.

Does an illegal alien in the US become a Canadian citizen if they marry a Canadian?

No. They still have to apply for citizenship through the immigration office. Even if they are married the application can be denied.

How long can a Colombian citizen stay after the baby is born if you don't want to marry the Colombian citizen who has become pregnant by a US citizen?

Until her visa is up. Even if you marry her the process for her to legally stay in the country is very timely and costly. So if she stays she will essentially become an illegal alien until she is given residency.

If your a us citizen and marry a illegal alien does he have to leave the country even though he entered with a visa?

If you are a US citizen and marry an illegal alien who entered the country with a valid VISA, he would not have to leave the country. You would have to have his status adjusted so he would no longer be in the US illegally, however.

Can an illegal alien marry a US citizen if he is already married in his country?

yea...its called cheating

If you have a baby with a alien and are not married can he get citizenship?

No. Only if you marry him, he will become a citizen.

If an illegal alien who has an expired work visa gets married to a US citizen will it allow the illegal alien to apply for residency?

I do not think that applys any longer. So the answer is no you will not automaticly become an American Citzen just because you marry one of us. I do not think that applys any longer. So the answer is no you will not automaticly become an American Citzen just because you marry one of us.

Can illegal alien marry American citizen to become an American citizen?

The simple answer is, NO, at least not right away. An illegal alien gains very little from marriage to a permanent resident. You cannot adjust status to permanent resident inside the U.S. You would have to leave the country to apply for an immigrant visa based upon the marriage.

Can a citizen of the UK in the US with a green card marry an illegal alien in the US from Mexico without any problems renewing his green card.?

Depends- there have been some cases where a LPR, when trying to become a citizen, has been found to lack moral character when married to an illegal.

Can a US citizen who is disabled marry an illegal alien?

No, since Aliens aren't allowed in U.S, no you cannot be asociated with that alien really, but it's not a law.

Can i marry an illegal alien at 18?

Yes. There is generally no citizenship requirement for marriage in the United States. So, if you can marry at the age of 18 in your state, then it doesn't matter if the person you marry is a citizen, permanent resident or undocumented alien.

Is it legal if you are an Australian citizen and want to get married to an illegal alien in the USA?

I am not immigration lawyer or anything like that. But I believe that if it is very hard for a US citizen to marry an illegal alien in the US (because of all the paperwork and time that it takes and the legth of time, one year or more. Often the illegal alien will HAVE to go back to their country and start the paperwork process from there). That's why it seems to me that it would be even more difficult for a permanent resident alien to marry an illegal alien, but perhaps not imposible-- perhaps. That is assuming that you are a permanet resident alien of the US or have a similar visa.