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There is a little secret about women (no matter how young or how old) that you should know. Many young/older women really do like men that are a bit shy and find them more attractive because they "mess up" a little. I think I loved my husband (when we were going together) because he tried so hard to ask me out and although he considered "blowing it with me" I found it rather endearing. As long as you are polite and try, then I am sure she is waiting for you to take another shot at asking her out. If you don't then you will always wonder if she would have gone out with you. Never be afraid of rejection because all of us have had rejection in our lives and no one dies from it. It's nothing personal and it's all about chemistry between two people. Talk to one of your buddies and see if he would be willing to bring a girl along and double date with you (it makes it less stressful for you to get to know this young woman) and then ask this girl out on a date. Good luck Marcy

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Q: If you messed up talking to a girl the first time how do you go up to her again without feeling embarrassed?
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