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If you messed up your freshman and sophomore year can you still get into a university if you raise your GPA your junior and senior year?

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Yes. Good luck and God Bless:)

2006-07-27 14:11:21
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If you got straight A's freshman and sophomore year but messed up junior year can you still get into a good college?

More info: I was in high level classes all 3 years (honors and AP) with almost straight a's (one b each year, but a for the final grade) freshman and sophomore year, but junior year I lost motivation. The final grades ranged from B-'s to A's with a B-ish average, but for quarter grades I got a few C's and one D+. Obviously I can't get into Ivy League, but if I get straight A's first semester of senior year, could I get into a good college like Carnegie Mellon? Or if not maybe Penn State Main Campus? I know junior year is the most important year for college- can I be saved? :( ---- Of course you still can get into a good college . . just make sure you study extra hard your senior . . just as you did your freshman and sophomore year . . and you should definetely get into a good college . . .

Can you get in a university if you messed up your freshman year?

Absolutely! First of all, colleges will definitely look at how much you have improved over the years. If you do well on your SAT and have a decent overall GPA, you should have no problems getting in.

I messed up my Freshman year and sophomore year of high school with averages in the 75's and 80's. If i try really hard junior year will i be able to get into stony brook?

just get straight A's next year and do well in the SAT's and your good to go also just have at least two good SAT 2 scores since your GPA is not so good and have some extracurricular acivities such as sports and volunteers Remember to do well in the first two marking periods of Senior year meaning get all A's Good Luck!

Can you get into kent State University if you messed up your first two years of high school but you are doing better in your third year and your GPA is 1.8?

well it all depends on how much you decide to get your grade point average up. Also there is a 1% chance that you will be able to get in not meaning to bring your hopes down. But there is a 1% chance that some gets in with a 1.0 - 2.0 but if you get it up to at least a 3.0 then you are almost positive you can get in. But just be aware that its very hard when you first screw up you freshman sophomore year. IF do athletics u have a much better chance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you got 2 As 2 Bs and 2 Cs your freshmen year at high school and you fail half of two classes your sophomore year Can you still get into college if you do great your junior and senior year?

No * You can, in fact, still make it to college. Can you make it to the most competitive, probably not. Still though, if you only messed up one year and do exceptionally well the next two years, I don't see how you won't make it to a great college.

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I messed up freshman and sophomore year but not that bad and I really picked up my grades this year my junior year how does this effect my chances to get into a good college?

Keep working on bringing up your grades. In addition, remember that typically colleges and universities do not make admissions decisions based on only one part of the applicant. There are other considerations. The following is just an example of the criteria schools are concerned with.Admission requirements:Required: SAT Reasoning Test or ACTIf submitting ACT, the writing section is requiredVery important admission factors:Class RankRigor of secondary school recordStandardized Test ScoresAcademic GPAConsidered:Application EssayExtracurricular ActivitiesGeographical ResidenceRacial/Ethnic StatusRecommendationsState ResidencyVolunteer WorkWork Experience

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