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Yes, you can pass tissue that looks like clots, you can have heavy thick blood loss, and yes, you can pass tissue that is the sac or membranes of the pregnancy. They are very distinctive if you have had children before.

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Q: If you miscarry would you pass a sac that looks different from blood clots?
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What does throwing up blood look like?

I am throwing up blood right now as we speak. It looks burgandy and in stringy clots.

What is echocariography?

Echocardiography is a test, similar to an ultrasound, that looks at the condition of the heart. It can detect heart problems like blood clots and problems in the aorta.

Which type of blood cell looks different from cell to cell the red or white blood cells?

Red blood cells all look like red blood cells. White cells have different shapes mainly because they have different functions.

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a different kind of pitbull, there body shape and face looks completely different.

What's wrong if you stopped the pill a few months ago and had a period and now you are late but when you pee it looks like the lots you get on your period but it is just white?

If you mean clots, I am getting those to, it looks like what sheds during your period just no blood, I dont know what that is.

What is the difference between vaginal bleeding and your period?

Good question! By vaginal bleeding, I assume you mean from a cut. Blood from a vaginal injury would be very bright red, just like if you cut your finger. It would not immediately slow down because there is no way to put direct pressure on the wound.However, menstual blood is a bit darker than fresh blood. Menstrual blood first "pools" in the lower part of the uterus before beginning to flow through the vagina. This delay is why the first blood can be lighter, and small amount. It's also why women bleed heavier first thing in the morning-- it pools in the uterus while sleeping, then when we stand up the blood begins to flow out. You will also notice clumps of tissue sometimes, called clots. Clotting of fresh bleeding from a cut looks different from menstrual clots. Also, many women wonder why their period ends with a brownish, light discharge. The older the blood, the more brownish it looks. The uterus must expel all the old blood, so to a woman it looks like a very light, and brown discharge.

When you to go the blood test the lab technician ushually removes blood from vein in your armexplain how this blood looks different from blood in an artery?

Blood in artery is oxygenated, thus more red than the oxygen-poor blood in veins. This blood is a darker red.

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Your blood type is inherited or given to you by your parents. The combinations of different blood types yields different blood types. In fact this is how paternity was once determined.

How is the heart like a pump?

The heat pumps and sends the blood to different parts of the body. The heart beating looks like the pump.

How is heart like a pump?

The heat pumps and sends the blood to different parts of the body. The heart beating looks like the pump.

Why blood looks red in colour?

blood has red blood cells (thrombocytes)... they colored the blood red..

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A red blood cell is a single structure that is biconcave in shape.A never cell has a body and a structure that extends from the body called the axon.This is the reason why the red blood cell looks different from the nerve cell.

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