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If you miss a court date in the state of Victoria Australia there will be a warrant issued for your arrest. When a warrant is issued for your arrest you must appear before a judge before you can leave the country.

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What is a foreign warrant?

A warrant is a demand issued by a court. An example is; an arrest warrant is a demand for someone's arrest. A foreign warrant is issued for someone in another country.

If a person in new zealand has a warrant out for their arrest in Queensland Australia can they enter Australia via another state?

No. Customs will pick you up when you enter the country.

What happens if out on o r but cant make it to court?

Warrant for your arrest will be issued.Warrant for your arrest will be issued.Warrant for your arrest will be issued.Warrant for your arrest will be issued.

When does a warrant for arrest expire in Queensland Australia?

I dont' think it ever expires.

I have a warrant out for my arrest it's just a provincial warrant how long approximatly will this warrant last and am I able to cross the border or leave the country?

The warrant will remain active until you return to the court issuing it and get it recalled. If you cross the border or attempt to leave the country, you may find that the authorities discover the warrant and arrest you on it.

Can you leave Australia with an arrest warrant?

You can try, but when they run your name and/or passport they are going to find out you are a wanted person and arrest and detain you.

Difference between arrest with and without a warrant?

Without a warrant you must find reasonable grounds to arrest someone, whereas with a warrant your reason to arrest the suspect already exists. Without a warrant a Police Officer can arrest anyone without permission of a Magistrate as long as they follow the correct procedures so their arrest is lawful, which is unlike an arrest with a warrant where you must be granted the warrant to be able to arrest that person. Without a warrant, a Police Officer can mess the arrest up and make it an unlawful arrest but with a warrant it is very unlikely that they make it an unlawful arrest.

Can the repo man issue a warrant for my arrest?

A repo man can not issue a warrant for your arrest. Only a judge can issue an official arrest warrant.

Which opera composer had to leave his country because he had a warrant out for his arrest?

Richard Wagner

Where can you get a warrant of arrest?

The court clerk will have the original arrest warrant on file. You can get a copy from them.

When does a arrest warrant end?

With an arrest.

If you get a job out of the state that you have a warrant in can they arrest you?

if you have a warrant the police can arrest you regardless of where you are best bet is to call the department that has the warrant and try to come to a conclusion on how to solve the warrant before they do arrest you and it is on their terms

Can police search a home with a summary arrest warrant?

Technically they cant unless they have a search warrant not an arrest warrant.

Can you get your license back if you have a warrant for your arrest in NC?

Can you get your license back if you have a warrant for your arrest in NC

How long is a arrest warrant valid in the Philippines?

how long a arrest warrant valid in philippines

Can a person get a passport if they have a warrant for arrest?

As the man has a warrant issued against him , then his passport will never be given to him, as he may run from the country for good.

Who can arrest without a warrant of arrest?

The Police

Can you fly out of the country if there is a warrant for your arrest in another state?

If you do fly out of the country with a warrant, you can be arrested if detained anywhere. A national crime database is ran for those who may have warrants.

Can an arrest warrant for failure to pay child support in NY be enforced in another state or is the jurisdiction of the warrant limited to the bounds of NY state?

The arrest warrant can be enforced anywhere in the US, and any other country with which the US has an extradition agreement.

Can you fly to Hawaii with a warrant for your arrest?

If there is a warrent of your arrest them no you cannot live the country or fly some where eles wiithout being caught

Where can I do a free arrest warrant check?

I'm worried there is a warrant on my daughter. Are there websites that let me perform a free arrest warrant check?

If a Police officer in NY stops someone that has a Felony warrant can that officer arrest him on that warrant?

Yes, of course. An arrest warrant is a command from a judge to arrest a person. Usually a police officer has no choice and must arrest.

If there is an arrest warrant out for a person do you need a search warrant?

No. As the arrest warrant for a person is simply that in & of itself -- to arrest the person. There should not be a need for a search warrant unless the authorities wish to search through one's personal property.

What is a pending arrest warrant mean?

The warrant is pending

Can a warrant be issued for your arrest for an unpaid parking ticket in Durango co?

A warrant will not be issued for your arrest for an unpaid parking ticket. If you have an unpaid speeding ticket, they may issue a warrant for your arrest.

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