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It is possible that your period can be late if you miss a week of the pill. It is also possible that you are pregnant.

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Q: If you miss a week of the pill can my period be a week late?
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If you miss a pill the week of your period?

Take it as soon as you remember and use a condom, just like you would any other time you miss a pill.

Can you miss your period because you stopped your pill a week early?

No you cant its very unusaul to miss a period ok no need to ba alarmed

You are on the pill but your period is 4 days late.?

i am taking Cilest but forgot to take one pill on the day 13 and now late 4 days in my free week

If you skip a week on the pill and start taking it the following week will your period for sure come a week late?

you take the pill for 21 days and then stop taking it for 7 days. and in them 7 days you shall have your period. however, this is not a true period. then you repaet the process

You put the patch on a week late can it make you miss a period?

If you put your patch on a week late, your period could be late or missing that month, either because of the misuse or due to pregnancy from using the patch incorrectly. Take a pregnancy test if your period is late.

Will you have a period if you start the pill 1 week before your period?

If you start the pill a week before your period, you probably will not get it when expected. Instead, you'll get it at the end of the pill pack.

Can you still take your pill as usual even though your period is a week late?

Yes, many women stop menstruating while taking the pill.

What do you do if your cycle began Friday and ended Wednesday and you didn't begin a new pill pack until Sunday after your period was over so you missed a whole week?

If you miss a whole week of birth control you have 2 choices. 1) To take the pill as soon as you remember (one pill a day) 2) Use condoms during sex and wait till your period is due and when your period arrives, start taking the pill again on day one of your period. If you go with option one you may be a week late for your period because you missed a week or you may be a week early. So dont be alarmed if this happens. But if you go with option two you put yourself at risk of pregnancy.

In week 1 you miss 1 pill on the Saturday and you have unprotected sex and in also had unpretected sex on Sunday so you took the pill late that night way after sex can you get pregnant?


Will switching from the patch to the pill make you miss your period?

For a safer protection, you might miss the period between both drugs. You might start the pill on the day you were supposed to start your "drug-free week". You might also start the pill 2-3 days later. It shouldn't affect birth control.

Could I be pregnant if I just got off the pill and my period was a week early then next period 4 days late with shorter and lighter flow?

It's possible that you're pregnant, but an early period followed by a late period after stopping the pill is typical. Take a pregnancy test to see if you've conceived.

Can light spotting a week after your period make you miss your next one or make you late?

No it doesn't make you late and its nothing to worry about!But if you are late on your period or have irregular bleeding its probably best to go and see your GP.

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