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Probably only if you are pregnant. Take a home test or go see a doctor. Missing a pill or being late taking them can cause the pills not to work and you can get pregnant.

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Q: If you miss several pills in a month is it common for your period to be late or never come that month?
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Why you never get your period for a whole month?

Go see a doctor ASAP.

I have symptoms every month but never had my period I just want to get it over with?

If you experience symptoms every month, but you have never had any periods, it is advised that you seek medical checkup.

What happens if you don't get a period 1 month When do you start calculating your cycle if it never ended?

If you don't get you're period for a month or two you are either pregnant. And sometimes your period does come right on time so i would mark it on a callendar

If you had a period last month but this month 4 days before your period you got spotting and cramping and never had spotting before does that indicate pregnancy Was on birth control when you had sex?

could be take a hpt to see

Can your period be clear if you have never had youre period but every month you get a clear fluid cramps and moodiness can that still be your period if not what is it?

a period is always bleeding this clear mnucus you are describing is normal for every women, it actually cleans the vagina, you have never had your period, so this moodieness and cramps could be that your period will be coming soon

Why do lunar eclipse occur twice a month?

They never do. They're always at least a month apart, and far more often several months apart.

Is it normal if your period has never been late but is a week late this month?

no you sould see a doctor and soon

How do you count your period?

Well you can never count it on point it can be early late that month but count 28 days

What is this blood 3 days after your period and this has never happened to you before?

If you are experiencing blood three days after your period and it has never happened before, contact your doctor. Several conditions can cause bleeding.

Why did I miss my period last month and it's late this month im not pregnant I have never had sex I am very tired lately sick with lots of headaches and I usually never get my period on scehdule?

Did you get your period for the first time recently? Usually for the first year or two its irregular. Its common to miss a month, and be late the next month or so. If you miss it for three months in a row and you are positive you aren't pregnant see a doctor, he may put you on birth control or something to help even it out. Its completely normal so don't worry about it. As for being sick you may just have some bad PMS, its different for everybody.

Is it normal to miss your period the next month while taking Yaz birth control?

I've been on yaz for 5 months and never miss a period

Which American actor has never won an Oscar?

Several of them, Winning an Oscar is not a common thing

Is there something wrong with you if one month you have your period once and the next month you have it twice and I've never had sex?

This sounds like you are experiencing irregular periods. Irregular periods are very common and they can arrive any time. Sometimes you may not have a period for several months (in severe cases) and other times it can arrive any time. You will need to see your Doctor to determine if you're experiencing irregular periods or whether this is hormone related. Please note this is advice only & should not be used in place of a doctors evaluation.

Why didn't my period come this month?

the last time my period came was jan.14.2011 and its the end of feb . i took a preg. test but it came out neg. but my period is never late do you think its to early to tell ?

Your tubes are tied and you had a two day period this month and it was brown what could be wrong?

i have had my tubes tied for five years and i have never missed my period and it has never been late i had a mri done last year and it showed that i had a cyst is it possible that my period this month was brown and only lasted for two days because of the tubes being tied or because of the cyst or could i be pregnent?

You missed your period last month im never late it still hasent came could you be pregnant?

Yes - take a test

The month you were suppossed to have a period you only spotted for like 2 days and never had a period What could this be?

it could mean that ur prego (( if u have been snuggling clse to a guy)) or ur jsut having a late period

Sometimes there are two full moons in a month what is the second one called?

The common name for the second full moon in a calendar month is a "blue moon". Pop quiz; what month can NEVER have a blue moon? Answer: February.

Why did i miss 8 months of a period im not pregnant and never been pregnan had blood tests thay came back clear i av a a period since but ive at 2 in a month on my 2nd one this month after missing 8?

If you are not one month away from giving birth, you should seek medical help and treatment.

Is it normal if a 13 year old girl misses her period for a month but has never had sexual intercourse?

Don't worry. This is perfectly normal. It doesn't mean you're pregnant or that something's wrong with you! In the first one to two years of menstruation, it's very common to skip a month or two because in the beginning, your cycle will be irregular.

Will anything happen if you have sperm coming out and you haven't started your period?

I'm confused. Men's health and menstruation shouldn't really be together. Sperm coming out of where and you've never started your period or not for the month or what?

You were on birth control about a month ago and you were supposed to already have your period this past month and it never came Does that mean Im pregnant?

No it means that your body is getting used to having it and then not having it so it does not mean that you are pregnant.

Do all military personnel go to Afghanistan?

No. There are several personnel in the military who will never see a combat tour - there are some who will never even see any overseas assignment, period.

What are the chances of getting your period while actually being pregnant when you have several pregnancy symptoms?

It is possible to have a period like bleed during early pregnancy. But the bleeding is usually light and never a heavy, normal period bleed.

Why your period lasted two days instead of five?

your period is never adequate to the subject date. you may get your period a day before or a day after or maybe even 2 days before you think you have to get it.. same goes for the lasting days.. you may get your period for 5 days or 2 days..depends on what you have eaten, or what your doing to your body.. sometimes your period may change to the last of the month to the first of the month.. their are pills u can take to make your period regular..