If you missed many pills but haven't started your period after taking them again can this be a sign of being pregnant?

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so by this question i guess you missed your birth control pills, but then started taking them again? Either way, most birth control pills you start 3 days after you take the last pill. But if you screw up your pills it can cause you to be a week late. Wait till your a week over, and if you still havent started get a pregnancy. Usually on birth control pills and girl cant get pregnant until a certain amount of time of taking them. But some do just by missing one.
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If you haven't missed your period yet but have signs of pregnancy could you be pregnant?

You very well could be. Also, Sometimes if a women really truly wants to be pregnant, her mind can play tricks on her, making her think she is pregnant when she isn't, and "she" doesn't want to look at the fact that it very well also could be their period getting ready to begin. True enough it can b ( Full Answer )

Is it likely to become pregnant after you've stopped taking the pill and got your scheduled period but you haven't had sex since before you stopped the pill?

\n. \n Answer \n. \n. \nEr? No!\n. \n. \n. \n. \nWhen you stop taking "The Pill" you upset your biology tremendously thusly causing erratic menstural cycles for a period of time. Before you know it you will become cyclical again but if you are young, ask questions such as this and are st ( Full Answer )

What does it mean when you missed a period one month and have all the signs of being pregnant but all tests are negative and then the next month you start your period a week late?

Irregular periods Many women have irregular menstrual cycles. Periods that vary by a few days are normal. But women who frequently "miss" or "skip" their periods should see a doctor to determine the underlying cause. There could be serious gynecological or endocrinological problems. Hope this he ( Full Answer )

U've been on the pill for a year and on ur last period u ran out of pills u missed taking it for 2 months and now u've been on it for a month again but you haven't had your period since you ran out?

Answer . \nif you had sex within the time you weren't on birth control even if you ran out you are possibly pregnant. what you need to do is go to the doctors and request a pregnancy test. don't go buy one at a store cause i bought one of ever type possible after i already found out i was pregna ( Full Answer )

How many days should you wait with a missed period to take a pregnancy testEven though I've been on the pill over a yearI missed my period today..am I pregnant?

Answer . Hello,\n. \nUnfortunately I cannot honestly answer if you're pregnant or not. I can only tell you if there is a possibility that you may be pregnant. Based on what you said there is definitely a possibility that you may be pregnant. It is possible to conceive while on birth control as ( Full Answer )

How many pills do you have to miss to get pregnant?

Birth control pills can fail when taking them perfectly. Normally,if you miss one pill during the course of the month, the risk ofpregnancy isn't very high, unless it's one of the first pills ofthe pack. If you miss a pill, take the missed pill as soon as youremember, and the next at regular time, e ( Full Answer )

After birth of your son you started taking a white contraceptive and have not had a period for 1 year you missed a week of the pill and then took it again for 2 days and had sex could you be pregnant?

Yes you could be pregnant. Because you didn't take the pill for a week means that you were unprotected and still are even though you took it again for two days. You were still unprotected and you should immediately take a pregnancy test to make sure you aren't pregnant. If you are go to your doctor ( Full Answer )

Can a missed pill start period?

For some women, missing one pill can be enough to cause breakthrough bleeding. But too many missed pills does make a baby. Start taking your pill the same time every day and that way you won't forget. Skipping even one mini pill can cause break through bleeding or even ovulation for some women, i ( Full Answer )

You haven't been taking your pill properly should you worry about being pregnant?

Yes! You should really worry about becoming pregnant, or currently being pregnant. Birth control pills are only 99.9% effective when taken every day at the same time each day. If you miss a day of pills, you should double up the pills; meaning, next day take 2. If you miss more than 3 pills you ne ( Full Answer )

What if you missed a pill and started your period early are you pregnant?

Sometimes when you miss pills or do not take them everyday at the same time, you may experience spotting or breakthrough bleeding. This is a side effect that is normal while on birth control. Spotting or breakthrough bleeding may start right before you start your menstrual cycle. If you haven't been ( Full Answer )

If your period is late and you start taking the pill again will you still get that period?

Most forms of birth control make your body think you are already pregnant and that it shouldn't expel the engorged tissue of uterine lining (which is what happens when you have your period). If your period was late but you restarted the pill, you will NOT still get that period. However, you may expe ( Full Answer )

Should you take a pregnant test if you missed three pills and started your period a week early?

No. Hormonal birth control tricks your body into thinking it is already pregnant and shouldn't expel the uterine lining (which is what happens during a normal period). When you stop taking the pills for a couple of days, the hormone levels drop and indicate to your body that it's time to menstruate ( Full Answer )

What if you haven't started your period again?

1. Buy a pregnancy test at a drugstore. (or enjoy the privacy of online sales: http://international.drugstore.com/templates/stdplist/default.asp?catid=9336&aid=333181&aparam=sespider ) 2. Follow instructions on the leaflet. 3. Note the outcome. There can be many reasons why your period didn ( Full Answer )

How many pills can you miss and not get pregnant?

If you even miss one pill and are sexually active, you can get pregnant, not to mention missing several pills. The best bet would be to use some other form of birth control after missing a pill. Although I've known friends who have missed a couple in a month and not gotten pregnant, I think that is ( Full Answer )

Is it possible to be pregnant after taking 5 of the sugar pills and haven't gotten a period?

Yes. The birth control pill does not work perfectly, and it's possible to get pregnant even when using it perfectly. However, being five days into the placebo pills and not getting a period doesn't necessarily mean you're pregnant. As long as you followed the program all the other days of the mont ( Full Answer )

How do you know if your pregnant if you haven't started your period?

The period is the uterus shedding the lining that is formed when you ovulate so a ovum may implant and a baby grow. Your period is the start of puberty and the ability of being able to have a baby. It is very rare to get pregnant during your first cycle and before your first period, but it is possib ( Full Answer )

Why haven't I started my period again?

If you have just started it's perfectly normal to have missed your period for a few months, some girls get there period and then don't get it for another 8 months or so. So as long as you haven't had your period for more than 2-3 years your good. But if you have then i would see a doctor.