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If you mix dark colors together would you get black?

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When you breed a black and blue together what colors can you expect?

When you breed a black and a blue together you get a dark blue or black.

What colors are mixed together to make dark blue?

The two colors mixed together to make dark blue is blue and black. You can make any color darker or lighter using black and white.

What two colors mixed together make dark plum?

purple and black

How will you get black color from Primary colors?

You cannot get a true black from primary colors, but you can get a brownish color. you can mix the three of them together to get a dark neutral hue

What colors mixed together will make a navy blue?

Dark blue and a touch of black

What colors mixed together make dark green?

green and black. if its to dark once mixed add some white.

What colors make gray if you don't have black?

Pretty much any light colors a mixed together i think. Like light purple and dark a color. Or try a dark dark blue

What two colors make dark red?

Red and a little bit of black mixed together.

What colors can you mix together to get the closest thing to black?

id say brown, navy blue, rusty red, dark dark dark gray.

What is dark colors?

Answerred AnswerAll colors have the potential to be dark, as there are ways to remove brightness (by layering black on top, in some cases).Dark colors are colors that are closer to black than to white.

What colors absorbs light the best?

Dark colors- Black, Dark Blue, Dark Green, Dark Purple....

What colors of clothes wash together in the washer?

Colors that are white will wash together, dark colors will wash together, and bright colors will wash together.

What color mix black?

True black is the absence of color. Black pens are usually a really dark purple or blue. If your mixing water colors or something, mix all the colors you have together. That will get you as close to black as you can get.You make black by combining all possible colorsThat is how you get black

What happens when the primary colors of pigments are mixed in equal amounts?

all of the primary colors of pigment mixed together is black, or a very dark grey.

Which colors absorb more heat?

black and dark colors

What colors asorb heat the best?

dark colors such as black.

What colors are minke whale?

The colors are dark grey, dark brown, black, and white on the underside.

What 2 colors make dark blue?

My best guess would be blue and black.

What colors are goth?

Black, dark browns, dark reds, dark blues , purple - variations and shades thereof. Some would say that 'goth' is a state of mind, not just the colors you wear.

What color mix makes black?

It is rather difficult to mix colors to make black, at least in frosting, but if you mix the three primary colors together, a little of this and a little of that, you should be able to come up with a very dark color that could be called black. In order of amounts, I think it would be red, blue, yellow. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- i think that it is all of the colors mixed together to form the color black -artemis

What colors make white?

When we mix paints, white is the absence of any colors (tints), and black is essentially the result of mixing all colors together. With light, white light is the presence of all colors. When there is no color of light present, it is dark (black).

What hair color looks good on dark skin?

A Dark brown or a black or dark purple. depends if you want natural colors or exotic but i would go with dark colors. no lights. anything darkish will look good

What colors do you mix together to make brown?

If you mix complementary colors, you get a mucky brown color, but I would mix red and yellow to make orange and then add black until it's dark enough to call brown.

What two colors mixed together make a dark blue?

There is a lot of ways but the easiest way is to use blue and black.

What color shirt would go with dark brown corduroys?

Purple, a lighter cool blue, green, pink would all look nice with brown corduroys. The only colors that would clash are dark colors and black.