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YES! Just wondering how you know that? What would the crime be? What if the person had a cosigner?

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You were arrested and was detained without any warrant of arrest is it legal?

You can be arrested and detained without a warrant. A criminal attorney can give you some help, and if you have been arrested, you should consult one immediately.

What is the difference between an arrest and being detained?

When your detained you are being held without charge - when your arrested you are charged but not yet convicted

What does you are a person who is liable to be detained mean?

it means that you are liable (or most likely) to be detained (or arrested/ placed into custody). Hope this helps

Can you be arrested for resisting arrest?

Yes. Usually those that are arrested already have a charge that will be made against them but if you are being detained for questioning by a police officer and you resist, fight, or run, then you can be arrested on the grounds that you resisted arrest. Arrest does just not mean that you have been taken "downtown" but that you have been detained. You can be arrested and not charged for a crime.

What is the word called when you are held by the police?

I'm guessing it is "DETAINED".Added: . . . or ARRESTED.

Which beatle was detained on entering japan?

Paul McCartney was arrested in Japan for weed possession.

Did revere William and Prescott get arrested?

Revere was captured and detained on the night of the ride. not certain if Dawes was also captured and detained. Prescott continued to ride on, warning of approaching "Regulars."

Can you get arrested if you leave for a few hours from home without your moms consent?

You are not likely to be arrested, unless you have broken a law. You may be detained and returned to your parent's home.

Are you actually arrested when being issued a criminal citation?

No, you are detained. The officer is required to inform you when you are under arrest.

Can you get arrested as young as 12 years of age?

I don't believe anybody under the age of 18 can be legally 'arrested', however, you can be handcuffed, detained, and charged with a crime at any age.

Has Britney Spears ever been arrested?

In August 2007, she was detained by police following an alleged Hit & Run accident; and booked on charges, but was not arrested and the charges never went to court.

Are tanning beds goog?

we guarantee that you will be arrested and detained by U.S. Homeland Security... or your money back! and follow the brick road

Can you be arrested if you where caught with your boy friend in the car kissing?

Unless you were trespassing while parked you would probably not be arrested. You may be taken in to protective custody or detained until your parents pick you up.

Why would you get arrested if you yelled bomb in a airport?

Although you may not get arrested, you would probably at least be detained for security reasons. Just to be safe, do not ever scream bomb in an airport, on an airplane, or anywhere unless there is a need to do so.

What is the different between arrest and detention?

Careful! this is one of those things that varies depending on where you are! Where I live being stopped by a police officer is technically "Detained" but under the law I can be Detained for 48 hours with out being charged with a crime. Arrested means you are charged with a crime.

Can you be jailed without being arrested?

"Jailed" as incarcerated in a police holding cell or a county jail? No. However, you can be "detained" in an institution or facility for medical or psychiatric evaluation.

Can you fly out of the country if there is a warrant for your arrest in another state?

If you do fly out of the country with a warrant, you can be arrested if detained anywhere. A national crime database is ran for those who may have warrants.

Where are criminals detained?

in prison or jail. detained means keep from proceeding.

What is the duration of Detained film?

The duration of Detained - film - is 1200.0 seconds.

About how many were detained on Ellis island?

8,687 people were detained on Ellis Island

How far is the continental Alaska from Russia?

64 Miles In 2006 a british and American made the cross over the bearing strait on foot. It took 15 days, and were subsequently arrested and detained when they arrived.

Another word for in custody?

In the sense of "in custody":arrestedapprehendedcaptureddetainedcaughtIn the single sense of "custody":controlcarewardshipcustodianshipguardianshipsuperintendencekeepingsupervisioncharge

When do you know if you are actually arrested?

An officer or person making an arrest must state the fact and serve the arrest warrant. Unless they tell you that it is an arrest and show you that piece of paper, you are only being "detained".

At what age can a minor be arrested in Illinois?

A person who committed a crime, regardless of age, will be detained. If murder was committed, a decision will be made whether to charge them as a juvenile or an adult. In any case, there is no "free ride."

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