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I don't know where you live, but in the UK, this type of work is best carried out by a general dental practitioner. Unless you are referred, you do not need to see a specialist for this simple treatment.

Dr Nicholas Manning BDS Glasg MFDS (RCSEng)

2015-07-16 18:20:38
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What will the dentist replace the two teeth he pulled with?

You have (possibly) 4 options 1. do nothing, leave a space, and don't replace the teeth 2. possibly a "bridge" or a "fixed partial denture" (FPD) 3. possibly a "plate" or a removable partial denture (RPD) 4. possibly an implant(s) with a crown The answer depends on a variety of factors and will need to be discussed with your dentist. Not all options work in all circumstances.

Can a regular dentist provide partial dentures, or would a dental specialist handle that?

Both are able to provide partial dentures. I would go to who you are most comfortable with be it you dentist or a specialist.

You recently had a partial plate put in your mouth but cant stand to wear it what do you do?

A partial is an artificial body part, very much like a prosthetic leg or a glass eye. It takes time to adjust to wearing it. Sometimes fine adjustments need to be made by the dentist to get it to fit perfectly. Your dentist should make these adjustments at little or no charge, at least for the first few months after the initial placement. If you are unable to make the adjustment to wearing the partial after several months, you should discuss your options with your dentist. You may be a candidate for dental implants. They are more expensive than a partial, but they are far more easy to get used to, and they are a permanent alternative to partials.

Can a dentist refuse you service for only having partial payment?


can I get A replacement for A lost tooth in my partial?

Yes, you can get a replacement. You will need to leave your partial with your dentist and it probably won't be ready for about a week.

Where to go for partial dentures for seniors?

Any general dentist can make a partial denture for a senior. However, there is a specialist dentist called a prosthodontist who specializes in dentures and partials.Just search Google for 'prosthodontist' in your area.

Dark spot on valplast partial?

A dark spot on a valplast partial could be a stain. The easiest thing to do would be to take it to a dentist for a professional cleaning.

How do you remove bonding that holds false teeth to a partial plate?

i dont know ask a dentist :)

Is a valplast upgrade partial or a 'lower fulcrum metal' partial better for 2 missing molars on either side of the lower jaw?

This needs an answer from a qualified dentist.

Emergency Dentist?

form_title=Find an Emergency Dentist form_header=Search for an dentist to deal with emergency needs following an accident. What services do you require?=_ Describe what happened?=_ Do you currently wear any of the following: braces, partial plates, or denture?= () Yes () No


There could be a few different reasons on why a dentist would recommend a partial versus and having teeth pulled. The main reason would probably be because the teeth are no more good.

Can you get braces with a partial teeth?

No. If you have a chipped tooth or a tooth that isn't the way it's supposed to, the dentist will have to remove it before you can have braces.

What do the dentist use Demerol for?

To relieve pain from an infected tooth, in my case its a partial tooth infected that my bridge is glued onto. Very painful!

You have had a top partial plate for about a year you are finding infections and severe pain in your teeth Even where your teeth were pulled What can you do?

You should have gone to a dentist before this.

How much does a partial denture cost?

Without insurance, partial dentures can be extremely expensive, going into the $1000's of dollars. With insurance, it can still be very expensive. So, it is best to consult a dentist to find out what the actual cost will be.

What is the price of having teeth pulled and dentures?

I had all my upper teeth extracted and a full plate made, and 6 of my bottom teeth with a partial plate mad and spent 2800 after my insurance. I was also put under anesthesia for the extractions

I have lost my lower partial. I have UMR dental insurance but can not afford the dentist has all the info but the last pair was $300 co pay and probably more now...any suggestions?

“I have lost my lower partial. I have UMR dental insurance but can not afford the dentist has all the info but the last pair was $300 co pay and probably more now...any suggestions?” “I have lost my lower partial. I have UMR dental insurance but can not afford the dentist has all the info but the last pair was $300 co pay and probably more now...any suggestions?” John Padgett

How do you put the word denture in a sentence?

The dentist told him a partial denture would fix the problem, so three perfectly good teeth made way for four.

Can the teeth in a Valplast partial break or break out?

break out The teeth (usually made from acrylic) are bonded to the partial using mechanical interlocks. When properly fabricated, the bond is extremely strong. But in some cases the teeth themselves might crack or weaken and can then separate. In those cases, a dentist can send the partial to a qualified dental lab to have the tooth reattached or replaced.

I had to have a second root canal on the same tooth because the first one failed Shouldn't I get a partial rebate from the 1st dentist?

Unless you can demonstrate that the first dentist was somehow negligent or incompetent, no, you should not expect a rebate. Root canal therapy is not guaranteed. These procedures can and do fail through no one's fault.

How do you Fix a broken tooth of a partial?

Don't!! I repeat DON'T mess up your partial just go to a dentist. If they have a lab on site they will take care of it for you quick. If not and you go to the dentist early in the morning and they have a lab pick up the case it will be ready for you the next day or later on that day say 4 or 5 hours later depending on the lab. If you have insurance you won't be responsible for a copay unless of course your insurance schedule says you have one. Good luck!

Is chuck still playing on television?

Currently, Chuck is not on tv, but NBC has stated that they're bringing it back in March for a possibly partial season.

What is a dental partial?

A partial denture is a prosthetic that you place in your mouth to replace the function and appearance of missing teeth. It is usually made of metal and plastic. It is removable and requires cleaning at least daily. It is held in place by clasps that attach to the remaining natural teeth. It will occasionally need to be adjusted by your dentist to fit properly.To see a picture of an upper partial denture, click on the Related Link below.

I've had all my teeth removed in the top, i just need two teeth that was broken by another dentist removed and an upper partial. how long will this take?

How long does it normally take for dentures to be made?

What is partial endorsement?