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If you keep all your water balances correct and run the chlorine generator unit properly keeping the Chlorine level of 1.0-3.0 PPM you should never need to shock your pool. I have heard of a few exceptions, but set up and running properly the answer is no. The Chlorine generator shocks the water with chlorine as it goes throught the chlorine generator. One reason for the exception (needing to shock the pool) is not keeping the system runing. Running the sytem 24/7 is recommended (pump and all)


Shutting the salt system and the pump down defeats the purpose of removing the algae and other contaminants. That is precisely why you elected to install the salt system in the first place. The salt system is designed to shock the pool however, it could not hurt if you add liquid chlorine occasionally especially if you are having algae problems. Running the system 24/7 is unnecessary unless you are having severe algae problems. Cleaning or backwashing the filter on a regular basis will help greatly in the removal of contaminants. A clean D E filter does not work well if it is totally plugged with dirt and debris. Also, if you are having algae problems you may not be running the system long enough 2, 4, 6 hours is not sufficient time to turn the water over. Your salt levels and conditioner levels may not be at adequate levels to be working for you. With algae you will have to superchlorinate and brush the walls and floor to keep the algae away from those surfaces - - let the filter pick up the dead algae as the chlorine kills it.

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Q: If you need to shock a salt water pool because of algae do you need to turn the salt system off for awhile?
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Will shock kill algae?

Yes. This is a potent chemical. It will kill the algae and turn it brown. Hope you have a good filtration system to filter all the brown out.

Will muriatic acid kill algae?

No. It takes chorine or non-chlorine shock to kill algae. An algaecide is usually used in conjunction with shock to kill algae.

How do you get algae of pool liner?

Shock the water n scrub the algae repeat if neccesary

How long does shock bleach take to kill algae?

The length of time it takes for shock bleach to kill algae varies depending on the amount of shock used. Generally, this takes between two and three days.

Our salt system is not producing clorine because the temp is below 69 degrees what shock treatment can use to prevent algae in the winter months?

If your chlorinator is not working or making enough chlorine you can just treat it as an ordinary pool while the adverse conditions prevail. Just use ordinary shock and chlorine.

When did System Shock happen?

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Why did swimming pool solar turn the water black?

This is because it got the water too warm and algae started growing. The warmer the water is just a breeding ground for algae. Get some algae cleaner at your pool store and follow the directions with heavy shock after that. Frustrating!

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What is to Shock a pool?

To shock a pool is to effectively increase the chlorine dosage to the max in order to exterminate a bacterial or algae problem.

When was System Shock created?

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When was System Shock - Doctor Who - created?

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What is the best product to use in an inground pool with green algae?

Pool Shock

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Often when you break a bone, you don't feel it for awhile as you are in shock.

What does Shock do for a pool and how often do you use it?

Shock is a very active chlorine that is designed to quickly attack and kill microscopic organic growth (algae). When my pool starts to become slightly cloudy and is no longer crystal clear, I know that algae is just starting to grow. When this happens, I know it's time to shock the pool. Algae grows faster in warm water. When my pool temp is 90 degrees I know it will need shock every 7 - 10 days. In the Spring and Fall when the water temp is 65 to 70 I can get by monthly. How often you shock depends on many factors. When I look at my bag, it says to shock once a week and it may have to be done more if there is rain or a lot of swimmers because of bacteria growth. You should test your pool water about 3 times a week and shock as needed.

How do you get rid of algae pool?

put 1 bag of shock in it and wait 15 mins

How can one clean algae from a swimming pool?

Algae can be skimmed from the top of the water using a pool skimmer. It can be removed from the sides of the pool using a brush. To prevent algae from growing in the future, a chemical "shock" will be necessary.

How do you clear up green murky water in a above-ground intex pool if you have drained it but can't get all of the water out and will liquid algae solve the problem or do you have to shock it as well?

Don'Bother with the liquid algae control it will just stain your pool, Use an apropriate amount of liquid chlorine, this will kill the algae at the same time shock your water.

What is the cause of green algae in pool?

Hot sun exposure and bacteria in the water form heavy use will do this. Shock with chlorine shock and filter and it will clear up.

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Why is your pool getting yellow around it?

Probably algae growth. Use algaecide and A LOT of shock.

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When can you swim after adding algicide and shock?

A person can go swimming in a pool a few minutes after adding algae treatment and shock to the water. This is provided that a low dose was used. The manufacturers of the algae treatment recommend that a person waits 45 minutes to an hour to swim after adding a normal dose.

How do you remove green algae from the bottom of your pool and how can you stop it from returning?

Shock the pool with chlorine (your Pool shop will tell you how much to add). Run the filter constantly, cleaning as necessary, for a couple of days. Brush pool walls as well. Then install a salt water system and you won't get that algae coming back.

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