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If the seller still needs to wait for the title to come in the mail because they had a loan to pay off, then this is normal and it could take about 2-4 weeks for it to come. If it was a dealer or the seller has the title but will not give it to you, then you can demand your money back or take him to court for the title or money.

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Q: If you obtain a bill of sale when you purchase a vehicle but you cannot obtain a title is there anything you can do?
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== == Yes. You can purchase a vehicle, but you cannot operate the vehicle without a license and insurance. In many cases, you can insure a 'principle driver'. This is a person of legal age with a legal permit to operate the vehicle. You will forever be the passenger until you obtain your own permit. At this time, you may also seek to insure yourself as the vehicle's principle driver.

If you purchase or obtain a vehicle from someone else you are responsible for transferring ownership of the vehicle to your name with the DMV within how many days of the purchase?

State laws vary. You need to check the laws in your state by contacting the department of Motor Vehicles.

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If the lien holder was supposed to repossess a motorcycle but never did can you sell it and how do you obtain a title?

No. A vehicle cannot be sold without a clear title and the only way to obtain such a document is through the lien holder.

What do you do if a repo man is literally beating in your front door?

If he is beating on your door. and You have your vehicle on public street or in your driveway he may just drive away with it. If your vehicle is in your garage or on your private property He cannot legally break the entering to obtain the vehicle

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How can one buy a vehicle with refinance money in the UK?

Once can purchase a vehicle with refinance money in the UK in a variety of ways. One can obtain the loan first, or refinance on the terms the dealership gives you on the day of sale.

Do you have to tell the insurances company you are not the owner but your mam when insuring the car?

Well you cannot insure a vehicle that does not legally belong to you. You Mother would need to get the insurance in her name and list you as the driver of the vehicle. This is the only way to legally obtain insurance on this vehicle with the information you have provided.

Can a third person be held responsible for not disclosing the whereabouts of a vehicle up for repossesion?

You don't have to talk to the repossession agent. The only thing you don't want to do is claim to not know where the vehicle is - at that point, it can be assumed to be stolen, and there is a possibility of it becoming reported as a stolen vehicle. Repossessors have no law enforcement authority - they cannot make arrests, they cannot obtain warrants.

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You need to obtain a duplicate registration ownership title for the vehicle. As the seller, you need to sign this vehicle over to the new owner - this cannot happen in thin air ... must sign the document and it alone.

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How do you obtain title with no vin?

Every vehicle has a VIN attached somewhere to it ... the engine block, in the top of the dashboard, in a door pillar. If the VIN has been removed from a vehicle, chances are that is stolen property and should be avoided like the plague. If you are trying to obtain the title without the vehicle and don't have the VIN this just doesn't make sense. What is meant here is that if a person bought a vehicle and wants to get a new title issued, then they most likely have the vehicle and can obtain it easily.