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No, but it MAY damage your highlights... if you straighten your highlighted hair make sure you straighten it at least 1 or 2 times a week and when you do straighten it make sure its on the lowest setting so it wont burn.

2013-04-23 23:48:42
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Is it better to chemically straighten your hair or straighten your hair with a flat iron everyday?

Its better to put a protector on your hair before you straighten your hair if you are going to straighten your hair every day with a flat iron.

Is it safe to straighten your hair every day?

No, it can damage your hair.

Does Justin Bieber straighten his hair?

NO Justin Bieber does not straighten his hair he blow dries it every morning the does his hair flip it lands in place and then he goes out :]

Can you get a medium length emo haircut you have really thick curly hair?

Eh, not really...unless you straighten it every day...and I mean Really straighten it.

Why doesn't Kevin Jonas always straighten his hair?

His straightener only works every-other day, therefore Kevin cannot straighten his hair everyday.

How often should you straighten your hair every week without damaging it?


Does Johnny Lunam straighten his hair?

Yes he does, every day in the morning before he comes to school.

How can i keep my hair straight by only using straighteners?

Straighten every day to train hair.

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Does Selena Gomez straighten her hair every morning?

She sometimes does,but she switches it for every concert.She will sometimes have curly,wavy,and straight hair.Hope this answer helps!

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How do you get rid of naturally curly hair?

You could perm it to be straight, or you could straighten it every day with a straightener.

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Does straightening hair cause baldness?

i dont think so cos me and my sister straighten our hair every day and were not going bald

What is the purpose of hair straighteners?

Well every girl knows that a hair straightener is to "straighten" frizzy, curly, wavy, or unruly hair!

How do you straighten your hair every day without causing damage?

You can try using heat spray that is specifically made for straightening your hair.

Is it bad to straight your hair every day?

I straighten my hair every day for school. So I straighten my hair 5 days a week. It's not great for your hair, but there are2 ways you can cut down the damage.1.) Use some kind of heat hair protector before you use ANY heat. Heat hair protectors come in balms and sprays.2.) Don't straighten your hair while it's wet, unless you have a special straightener for wet hair.

How do you calculate hair growth?

I guess you can straighten it every couple of months and visually measure it. or you can literally take a ruler and start at your scalp to measure.

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How can you make your hair longer by yourself?

i no it sounds silly but getting it slightly trimmed can make your hair grow faster as you are taking of the dead ends. As if you straighten it you are just pulling the dead ends of your hair of making it millimeters shorter every time you straighten but if you trim it the ends stay on.

How do you make hair grow slower?

Straighten and curl it often also you can have regular trims once every three weeks instead of 5 weeks.

Can you straighten permed hair?

yes you can straighten permed hair; however, I suggest that you use a heat protecting spray because your hair is already damaged from the perm. Also I would recommend for you to use a leave in conditioner and once every two-weeks or so maybe every month deep condition your hair! You don't want to damage you hair too much.

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Is it good to use a flat iron to straighten hair?

This all depends on how often you straighten your hair and what kind of straightener your use. Straightening your hair every day is unnecessary. It can damage your hair if you use a flat iron everyday. Once or twice a month won't hurt it as long as you condition.