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No not likely. Your body was probably reacting to some sort of change, however slight. Could have been stress, change in eating, sleep or lack of and sort of thing. If your overall health is good then a longer or shorter period isn't alarm for healthy pregnancy. Both of you should eat right, get good sleep, no stress, if that's possible, no smoking or drinking and have fun...

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You have had your period for 18 days straight what could be wrong?

see a doctor

Your period is 3 days late but you are not pregnant What could be wrong?

Emotions can cause you to be late

No period no symptoms of being pregnant What is wrong?

Your period could just be late, this happens sometimes.

If your pregnancy test said you were pregnant but your period isn't due for 4 more days could it be wrong?

No its not wrong as pregnancy tests can detect pregnancy as early as 4 days before a missed period yes it can b

What could be wrong if you are a few days late on your period with nausea vomiting and tightness in the vaginal wall?


What could be wrong if your on a period for over 2 weeks?

if period is more that five days instead of mormal day when first pack novelon contraceptive pills start then anything wrong?

What could be wrong if your period is 6 days late and you have always had protected sex?

Stress and hormonal imbalances can cause your period to come late.

If you had your period August 22 which days you could get pregnant?

after 10 days of your period after 10 days of your period

Is there something wrong if you experience a period for 3 days during the beginning of the month and then receive another period 2 weeks later?

no you could be pregnant though

Could you be pregnant if your period was late and only lasted three days?

Yes it's possible. And to everyone saying you can't have a period when you're pregnant..WRONG

You are 3 days late and you took a test it you are not what is wrong?

you could just be having an irregular period even if you dont usually try counting to 28 days from when it ends and that is usually the day you are due to have a period.

What could be wrong if you have gotten your period three times in less than 19 days?

I suggest you go an see your doctor.

Could a negative blood test be wrong if you are 10 days late on your period and showing pregnancy signs?

If you ovulated late in your cycle, and the blood test was too early, it could be possible that it was wrong. you should wait a week and see if your period shows, if not you could retest at that time. ~pawsalmighty

Could you be pregnant if you spotted for 2 days and then had a normal period?

my period was late 2 days then i had a normal period could you be pregnant yes or no

What could be wrong if you started having brown discharge about five days before your period was supposed to start and you still have it six days later with some blood?


Is it possible to miss a period by 2 days and still have a negative test result could the test be wrong?

Yes, the test could be wrong, but the most probable answer is that you're late. Bodies aren't clockwork-perfect, and can easily slip 2 days for no obvious reason.

What could be wrong if you are six days late for your menstrual period which normally occurs on a regular basis?

Stress among other factors can cause you period to come late. If you've had unprotected sex you could be pregnant.

Whats wrong when you start your period two days early and it stops the next morning?

If there is a chance you could be pregnant, take a pregnancy test. It could be implantation bleeding

You got your period for 8 days longer than usual 6 days seven days after you got it again what is wrong with you?

You got your period and it lasted 8 days longer than usual. Six or seven days after you got it again and you are wondering what is wrong with you. This could happen for many reasons. It could be due to hormonal changes, as a side effect of medications or due to a health condition. If there is any chance that you could be pregnant, it could be a miscarriage or you may be suffering from uterine fibroids. It would be wise to make an appointment to see your doctor.

Is it something wrong when you get your period every 21 days?

No, if that is normal for you then you are fine. If you all of a sudden went from 28 days to 21 then something is wrong.

What could be wrong if I don't have my period for 2 weeks but pregnancy tests are negative.?

The pregnancy test is valid 10 days after intercourse. Stress could delay your cycle. relax.

If I have a very heavy period for about 9 days and still lightly bleed for about 5 more days is there a chance somthing could be very wrong?

Possibly; go see a doctor ASAP.

What is wrong if you are seeing your period for 14 days?

You should see a doctor.

If you haven't had your period in 46 days what is wrong?

you could be pregnant or under a lot of stress. if you are starving yourself, or not getting enough to eat, you could lose your period. it is best to see a doctor, or talk to someone older, more experienced.

You are spotting when you were suppose to get a period Took a pregnancy test came out negative could you be pregnant?

you might tecnology these days you never know if there right or wrong

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